S&S Day 56: Body Remix

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I (Sef) was attacked by the snooze monster this time around (must have been this dreary rainy morning) but have no fear!  I was high-tailing it down to gym to meet up with Sariah who already had a 8 min run going on the dreadmill. The gym regulars saw me walk in and gave me that look like "mmmn hmmm" with the side eye/smirk glance to their wrist as if to say we see who's late today...  HA!!  Anyway I went up to Sariah and said "let's do this." We grabbed medicine balls, 5lb weights, and jumpropes and attacked the Nike Training Club Workout called "Body Remix"  and started the clock on a workout that...




30 min folks...we were drenched in sweat around minute 2.

Take that take that take that (said in a classic Diddy voice)...   Um yeah.  that's what NTC told P90x.

It was gooood though.

It went a little something like this:

1 min: back pedal
2 min: light jog (we jumproped)
2 min: sliding glides
1 min: recover (we had no idea this was the only recover in the whole workout. dizzam - shoulda enjoyed it).
1 min: Burpee to shoulder press
1 min: Pushups with feet on medicine ball (really? really? try just holding a plank with this!)
1 min: Plank row to rotation (basically lift one arm with a 5lb weight in hand sideways)
1 min: Ski jumps (wide side jumps with medicine ball in hand)
2 min: Basketball lunge with medicine ball press (I personally love this one)
2 min: squat arm curls (squat then stand and do a bicep or hammer curl)
2 min: bunny hops with medicine ball overhead (this was so hard! and easy! we had to break after each 4 hops lol!)
1 min: bicycles (do this in ab ripper..psshhhh.. a breeze! hehe)
1 min: toe touches (ok not a breeze)
1 min: kick downs - we each took 30 seconds pushing each others legs down (GREAT ab excercise!)
1 min: Push up to frogger  (grrrrrrrr....pushing through)
2 min: single leg deadlift dumbbell row (great combo exercise...hard to do without losing balance!)
1 min: Medicine ball triceps push up (uhhhhh yeah... not that hardcore yet - hold a plank on ball or baby pushup )
1 min: alternating forward lunge to shoulder press
30 sec: mountain climbers
30 sec: knee tucks (we did jump tucks instead)
5 min: cool down/stretch (thank goodness)

Did that make you tired just reading it?  Multiply that times 100 and that's how we felt.

:) TGIF people!

S&S SWAG GIVEAWAY!!!! and oh yeah..Day 54: Core Synergistics...

S&S is back!!! The S&S duo is reunited once again with Sariah coming back from L.A. for all-star weekend. She recounts her experience fitting exercise while traveling while I struggle with getting physically out of bed. ; Today is "recovery" week for P90x but that just really translates to "Cardio week" for us—today being core synergistics.We fast-tracked it today not using the video and going off the core synergistics exercise list we have in our worksheet (seriously, Tony does a lot of talking) so it gets down to a 40-45 min workout. It was a jam-packed workout and felt energized afterwards.

Also on the video we announced our first ever...

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Sefa & Sariah

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S&S Extra: Sefa's Sunday morning run

With Sariah away enjoying the fabulous life in (warm!) LA for the NBA all-star weekend, I'm holding down the fort here in the big apple.  Sorry for being MIA on the posting front - everytime I sit down to blog I get sidelined by other distractions! To make up for it, I made a super-duper podcast about my run yesterday.  It's part travel, part commentary, part blair-witch (you'll see), and all S&S... ok maybe just S. 

I started off at the manhattan side of the BK bridge and ran to Brooklyn, through BK heights and Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)  and back across the Manhattan Bridge into Chinatown.  It was a chilly day but an all-around good run. It's been a while since I've done anything longer than 3 miles and it made me miss 1/2 marathon training a bit. Sunday mornings were strictly limited to the Long Run.  One of the main reasons I looked forward to it was for the music mixes I would load up on my ipod. But now that I'm addicted to podcasts, I had that goin during yesterday's run and that was also relaxing. 

Anyhow, hope everyone had a fun fit weekend... I've been running more while S is away - also did some home makeover projects. Today however i'm snowed in (can't believe it was 70 degrees on friday) home catching up on projects, magazines, and blogging!  How did you enjoy your weekend?

Here's a few snaps from my west coast half:
Sariah at an all-star party
View during her workout:  30 min on the elliptical, a few arm strength exercises and abs on a medicine ball.

Sariah's breakfast

If there was a fire, Sariah would be SCREWED!

OMG - talk about deep sleeping.  LOL.. the beginning of the video explains it all.  When S finally got herself out of bed we took our workout outdoors for a quick 30 min session.  We ran about a mile then got to the field. we did the following at the field:

Down the field with 3 breaks:
Lunges (about 20)
20 pushups
side shuffles (left)
20 squat jumps
side shuffles (right)
modified burpees
15 lunge switch jumps

Back down the field with 3 breaks:
side shuffles (left/right)
20 pushups
side squats (left)
15 squat jumps
side squats (right)
towel hops

Down the field with 3 breaks:

side squats
mountain climbers
side squats

20 squat jumps
side shuffles (left/right)
modified burpees

On the bench:
in and outs (20)
tricep dips (20)

Back down the field with 3 breaks:

mountain climbers
On the bench:
in and outs (20)
tricep dips (20)side shuffles (left/right)

Then we ran back home.  What a crazy morning!  Ah well - we will have a slight break from video podcasts but not to worry - Sariah and I will be separately posting... She'll be tackling working out on the road in the midst of all-star weekend while I continue to keep doing the do' back on the home front.

Day 35: Cali face with a down south bump (chest & shoulders)

Episode title is for the jam by baby Bash ft E-40 ; we were listening to during our workout... props to satellite radio because we would need another 3 or 4 months before the song makes its way to east coast. Wow talk about pushup central. Soo many variations of a pushup and tricep extension - our arms and chest are exhuasted! Funny thoughts during watching the P90 video:
  • woman looka-like-a man
  • wow, tony doing those plyo/clap pushups makes him look like a dolphin
  • our favorite song (not!) came on the radio - put your head on my pillow (sef attempted to yodel like the artist)
  • if we could do every exercise while laying on our back this would be so much easier lol
  • we could have been done earlier if we did not have an hour-long convo via text message from bed starting at 6am about how cold it was and how we did not want to get out of bed
  • another pushup?
  • we should take a picture during these side tri extensions - we look so fab
  • did we really have to run that fast on the treadmill this morning? did that run burn off the mini bagel we ate before coming to work out? 
  • someone changed the radio station! OH ...NO... THEY.... DIDN'T!!!!!
  • seriously? another pushup?
  • there's 5 minutes left - why hasn't cool down started?! hello?!
Ah well -we hope you all have a fabulous weekend... we'll see ya in a bit!

Today's Jam:

Day 32: Back it up Back it up

We're back with Phase 2 Baby! Over the weekend, Sariah did some friend birthday celebratin while I jetted down to Florida for some R&R with my dad and my little pup, Dallas.

Sariah before she hits up the party!

Before heading to Drynk Soho in Tampa
With my lil' one, Dallas

Because of lack of sleep from both our parts we skipped Monday and jumped back in the gym for week 5. Today's workout? We didn't know there was so many variations of a bicep curl but we did a ton of them. For pull/chin ups we got on the machines for lat pull downs while near the end of the workout, I finally attempts a few pull ups.. a few and pushed out 5. We wrap it up with ab ripper X and get day 32 in our books.

We're still at it!

Oh guys - we kinda fell off the wagon this past weekend! So Friday - we missed Chest and Back so boo no workout. I did teach my burlesque beat so I got a bit of cardio in if that counts for anything. Satuday we attempted a night workout but then plans happened so we did SQUEEZE in a targeted arms and back workout via the Nike Training Club (really liking this alternative!) we also did Ab Ripper X afterwards. Sunday we just called it a rest day. But have no fear - S&S is here! Today (monday) was the start of our Recovery Week so it was one of our throwback workouts: Core Synergistics. Here's the vid:

oh and the throwback!

Day 1: Core synergistics from eunice kindred on Vimeo.

Day 20: Let's Box - HIyah!

Wow. what a struggle to wake up this morning. Sariah was feeling the effects of sake lol and I'm feeling a tinge of a cold coming on (blah!). So we snoozed a bit before we dragged ourselves to the gym to do Kenpo today. We subbed Tony's talking for some house/techno/r&b music. In addition to the bosu, we brought the boxing gloves out and added the jumprope going for 100 skips during each break. Though still exhausted we still pulled it out. Tonight is extra cardio since i'll be teaching funk at Crunch today. woo woo... any NYC readers - come check it out!

P90x Day 19: Back it up

Legs and back today. We are totally turning into old ladies - sleep is so important people!!! We somehow managed to get up, have a half cup of coffee and make our way to the gym for legs and back. We stepped it up again in S&S fashion and used a bosu for some of our lunges and squats. We added weights to our back raises or back extensions as they're also called. Example randomly found on youtube here:

Heheheh - we do about 20-25 of these in lieu of chinups. We alternate with lateral pull-downs and hanging knee raises. There's no chair (high enough) or bands in the gym to help us do an assisted chinup. However, we'll get some for phase 2 don't you worry :)

As mentioned in our video - please visit another newcomer to the blog scene - one of our favorite trainers Kenny Pena has launched a blog with great nutritional and fitness advice. Visit here:

Anyhow, what workout did you do or have planned for today? leave us a comment!

Recovery day: Shoulders and back

Funny how our shoulders and back workout was a "recovery" day for us considering we were up and on our feet for 12 hours straight on Sunday for Sariah's video shoot for "All about sex" We slept in but didn't cheat! We were at the gym at 10:45pm for our workout! Will be posting some sneak peeks from the set ASAP... but otherwise enjoy!

S&S Express Day 15: Plyo Pronto

Jump day. after 5-6ish hours of sleep, we were back in action for speed plyometrics or plyo pronto as we're calling it. Plyo pronto is when you skip past all of Tony's demos and talking and just bring it. I think we were still zoned out because besides the occasional $*(@! and #@*)!$ being uttered, we were quiet and just getting through that video like it was nobody's business. Sariah wants to know what does the circle run actually work out? I mean it's quick movement - and I'm guessing it works on your agility in a way but what else does it work body-wise? all you p90x grads, trainers, etc - please weigh in. we wanna know!

It's 12am - do you know where your kids are?

This is how you get it in - despite being 11p, tired and sick in bed for most of the day, we still drag ourselves down and get a quick 40 min chest and back in and ab ripper x.  somehow the gym felt like a club or maybe we were just delirious from it being so late but it was jamming in there! so excuse our silliness lol - take that in your dessert and eat it!

Throw dem' bows with Kenpo X (Day 13!)

Oh how we dragged ourselves to the gym this morning. Thank Goodness getting to the gym just means getting on an elevator to the ground floor then going down to another flight of stairs lol. I swear - being able to roll to the gym in your pjs/sweats while it's 20 degrees outside is a luxury we are super grateful for. Kenpo X started out slow for us but again,used a bosu for all kicks. This time though, we threw on the boxing gloves for all the punching exercises which pushed us to exert just that little extra energy. We did find ourselves to be quite sore all around but by the end of the workout we were awake and ready for the day. What were everyone's workouts today?

Btw- welcome to all the new followers to the blog. Thank you - we consider you part of our S&S squad!!

Snowed in but not snoring! Still on the grind

Happy Snow day! We got hit with a big storm today - not big enough to warrant staying home (boooo) but enough to keep us indoors and off the paths. What happened to us yesterday you ask? Hmn...first I (sef) overslept :) I snoozed my 6am alarm and next thing I know its 730. When I went to hit up Sariah (who did mssg me at 620a) she was knocked out then. LOL. SOOO considering we've been at it for more than 7 days straight, we listened to our bodies and gave ourselves a rest day. We're back at it this morning with Legs and Back. We amped up the workout today by holding 5lb weights during all the lunge exercises and for chinups we subbed in lat pull down and rows. We finished up with ab ripper X.

We had to shuffle our P90 schedule around due to us working out our shoulders and arms on sunday with Sariah's old trainer, Aryeh, hence a chest and back workout on monday. In general- we've modified our P90 schedule anyhow because we like Sundays for Yoga (because a: though super challenging, it's like stretching to us and b: it's just a nice way to end the week) and we've subbed the stretch/rest day for cardio only because we have immediate short term goals project we have to get ready for like Sariah shooting her music video (woo woo!). so ignore the video day numbering labels - i get all mixed up when referring to our google doc which is numbered differently. we started on jan 1 so obviously it's day 12 today (duh!)

For phase 1 our schedule is something like this:

Monday: Shoulders & Arms
Tues: Cardio or rest
Wed: Legs & Back
Thurs: Kenpo
Fri: chest and back
Sat: Plyometrics
Sun: Yoga/stretch

For a P90 worksheet, we've been using this as our guide which is nice b/c it lists all the exercises and tracks the reps and weights of most workouts so that we don't need to use the video.

Speaking of video, You'll have to ignore our ghetto video blog today - I'm using different tools so I didn't get to give it the pizzazz that it normally has. But I had fun and threw in some pictures and a different intro song. The intro song is "Fame" by Lady Gaga and the outro song is Sariah's next release - "All About Sex"

Until next time!

Tough Love by Tony Horton

Found this post on Body for Becky's blog and the tone is so poignant - gotta love keepin it real and having a no bs attitude. I love food WAY too much to go for Tony's food plan but i'm all about being smart in regards to eating right. No excuses about working out though - just do it.

Tough Love by Tony Horton

Alright, sit back, and relax. Let's go over a couple of things. There seems to be a general lack of willpower, and there also seems to be, like cani said, poor planning. Showing up to a party hungry, never a good idea, you're screwed.

Now I could sit here and I could tell you little tips about how to help you control your eating habits, improve the quality of your food, and I do it week after week, month after month,year after year and it seems like the same people (I know who you are - you know who you are) continue to just let food win. Am I correct?

I mean, you do the programs, and you come into the chat rooms and you go into message boards and you're part of the community and you have been for years, and you lose some weight, and gain it back then you lose some more, and gain back more, and it's just a cycle that continues. Sometimes you take it seriously, sometimes you don't. Blah, blah, blah!

Sad, boring and pathetic, really...You blame it on your parents and you blame it on work and you blame it on stress and you blame it on poor planning, or on the weather or lack of sleep and you sort of take the blame, but not enough to make any changes. I mean, if it doesn't matter cuz apparently it doesn't cuz if it did this would no longer be a problem for most of you. But the sad fact of the matter is, you know what to do! It's not like this company is selling you some silly weight loss diet program that is asking you to eat funky portions of stupid food for the rest of your life. You have temptations and you succumb to them. Period.

Now my job tonight is not to sit here and point fingers and call you names, and say that you are losers. But it's time for a little tough love people. As some of you know, I'm 50 and life is extraordinarily short. I feel like I've lived 10 lives already and as we all get older, it doesn't get any easier, unless we do the right thing. Succumbing to temptation based on outside influences and influences inside our heads just makes life such a dull boring frustrating drag. Ick!

Is this what we want? Is this good enough? Is it? But what the hell you gonna do about it? Because change is a bitch man. But if you want the life that I think you think you deserve, then you have to do the opposite of what you're doing. Cuz I gotta say, when I show up to events (Team Beachbody events or camps) and I see people who used to be fit who aren't, I just think, what happened? And I know the economy is rough and things happen in life that are brutal, but since when does food solve any of our problems? It makes things worse! We need something to make us feel good for 10 seconds, but all it's doing is making our situation worse!

[lisaerin82] Tony - how did you get into fitness? What keeps you going day in and day out? Do you take 'breaks' throughout the year?

Lisa, good question. Which ties into this topic. Because I have to! Because you have to! Because the alternative sucks! Many people in this chat room know that it’s too vital, it's too important. It makes life so much better. Not to do it makes for a lesser life. So if you don't mind your lesser life keep on eating crap based on all your lame excuses. I got into fitness because I wanted to look better, I stayed in fitness because I like feeling better. I like the quality of my life to improve, because I understand that exercise and eating right does that. I like being fit and I like being healthy. I understand the importance of those things. I also understand that to achieve them, I have to eat right and exercise at least 6 days a week.

My poor eating has diminished less and less over the last few months. I've almost cut chocolate out. Which is hard for me. I notice that when I get to that rough patch of 2 or 3 weeks when I'm trying to get off of any kind of a particular bad food habit the cravings go away and I feel better more often. I sleep better. My digestion is better. My energy is up. My moods are upbeat and positive more often.

BTW, for those of you that are struggling with your diet (which I know is probably more than 11 of you) if you notice you're struggling in life, guess what? That struggle comes with what you put in your mouth first, not visa versa. One causes the other. It's not coincidence that your wack diet is part of your wack life. Everybody read me? Hearing me? Feeling me? Anybody think I'm talking to them directly? How does that feel? Kinda crappy, right? As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working out for you?"

When this chat is over tonight I want you to walk away with some thoughts in your head that might not exist after a normal chat. One thought or question I should say is... What am I gonna do about it? Because right now you're not doing anything. You're just letting life push you around. Super lean, super ripped, super healthy, super strong people do everything right. People that are pretty ripped, pretty healthy, pretty strong, do most things right people that are not overweight, not unhealthy, but look okay do about half of the important things right. I could keep going but you understand where I'm headed.

3 months ago, I was doing my 90/10% plan and that was pretty good, you know, 6 pack, etc. But when I cleaned it up more, I'm just leaner and I feel better. It worked for me and I don't miss the chocolate. You kids need a plan. Anybody want a plan right now? Free of charge? Now this plan is so simple it's gonna freak you out! You have your pieces of paper and writing utensils ready?

At the top of a piece of paper write this:
I, [write your own name], hereby declare that I will follow the Tony Horton food plan for the next 30 days. I'm gonna give you kids the hard core version not modified versions of the food plan. Okay, pick up your pencils again.

#1 For the next 30 days I will not eat white bread or anything made with enriched flour or processed flour, Snickers bars. Done! Out! Gone! Bye bye! See ya later! No mas! Sayonara! Got it? Get it? Do it!

#2 I will greatly reduce my dairy intake. And for some of you no more dairy! Get it? Do it! No more pizza with a ton of cheese! No more milk! No more ice cream! Gone! Out! Go buy some almond milk or rice milk. Or I'll smack ya.

#3 No more carbonated beverages. No more Pepsi. No more Coke. No more 7 Up. No more Sprite. No more Dr. Pepper. No more Diet Pepsi. No more Diet Coke. No more Zero Coke. No more Mountain Dew. None!

#4 Water and tea only! If you're a coffee psycho, 1 cup a day. Shut up and do it!

#5 At least 2 of your meals a day there'd better be vegetables on your plate. 1 meal a day, there'd better be fruit. Do it!

#6 Here's how you're getting your protein. Nuts, beans, fish, turkey, and chicken. That's it! Shut up and do it! Get off the red meat for a while. Off! I don't care about lean red meat. Just get off of it!

#7 For the first 2 weeks of your 30 day plan, write it down! Write it down! Every morsel!

"Oh, but Tony, that's so hard, it takes time, what if I forget a pen? What if I've lost my pad of paper to write down what I've eaten? Does that mean I have to write down everything in my salad? What if there's avocado, peppers, mushrooms, nuts, in different kinds of salad, do I have to write it all down?"

Shut up you whiny little bitcher! If you want to live large and you want this microscopically short life of yours to be worth showing up for then you'll make a plan. You'll do what I say and things will be good! Or you'll keep doing what you've been doing and then you'll just be what you are right now, or worse. Okay?

This country has turned into pre-Rome, and the empire's about to collapse. The only way we can begin to turn it around is to start taking care of ourselves first, so that we have the energy and enthusiasm to take care of the rest of the crap that is going south in our lives. Poor eating habits and lack of physical movement has turned the vast majority of us into whiny little cry baby losers. Far too many people are living in this state of quiet desperation.

It's like Joe the Plumber...Good grief! The guy, and not to get political, because it's not political at all. Here's a guy pretending to be a plumber when he's actually an unlicensed contractor who does plumbing, proclaiming that he has the money to buy this $250,000 plumbing business, when in actuality the plumbing business is actually a $100,000 plumbing business. He still owes back taxes and he makes less than $40k a year. Joe is making things up to make a point. So Joe the Plumber needs to read law #5. Get real Joe!

We have to stop pretending that life is something other than what is actually happening to us. The point I'm trying to make for those of you that are still a little confused is that we have to take control of our lives. The one that is happening, not the pretend one. We have to take control of our eating. We have to stop the fantasy version and start believing in the real one. We have to stop pretending that things are going to get better because we just bought a new crystal, or our palm reading went well, or somebody else'll do it for us, or if we just hope or pray it'll get better on its own. Good grief! If you are not happy, it's because of you! It's just you. You and no one else. Not your husband, not your wife. Not God. Not your parents. Not your work. Not the weather. None of it. It's you and the information or lack thereof, inside your brain. The more you know, the more you can do.

I can get in here and show you little tricks about how to eat better or do pushups on your knees but the fact of the matter is success is a deeper more profound look within. Are you with me people? Can you dig it? If you stick with the simple pieces to that puzzle or that plan, weight will come flying off. Your body will change. I don't want you to count calories. I would like you to eat smaller meals. I would like you to not eat a couple hours before you go to bed. I also want to say that there's a list in life. The good life list, things like:

Getting 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep. It's not like you have to pass an exam to know how to do that.

Exercise 5-6 days a week. It's not like you have to ask for permission from someone else. You just do it!

Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein and not all the other garbage is how you stay healthy. That’s not rocket science.

You know, stuff like brush your damn teeth twice a day. Floss once in a while. Don't blow out your credit card so you can't pay it off. Choose patience over rage. Be in the moment. Enjoy the journey. Don't be attached to the outcome. Don't sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff. Open the door. Try new things. Change is good. Surround yourself with like-minded, upbeat, good humored people.

Okay, here's the book of the week. It's called "made to stick." This book will help you formulate new habits, that stick. The amazing thing about exercise and eating well...the outcome. If you're consistent. It's the same for everyone. I know I got on my box nice and tall here today but I just hate seeing smart people make the same mistakes over and over again. It's got to be frustrating. When it come to health and fitness (in general) there’s 3 groups of people.

The first group is, people who don't know better. They haven't come across this information yet. They're still buying into Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Herbal Life and other programs that work as long as you use them. But I don't know anybody who's been doing Weight Watchers for 15 years. They’re "weight loss only" products that are temporary fixes. These same folks are buying stupid ab chairs, ab lounges and some rotating pushup stands. This stuff is supposed to change your entire body? Give me a break! They don't know better so they get to be stuck.

Then there's Category 2. People that come here and understand that exercise has to happen 5-6 days a week. Variety works! There has to be intensity and consistency. These people also understand that healthy food is part of the equation. When folks in Category 2 discover this information they understand it's importance like air and water and live it.

Far too many people (there are some of you that are in this chat room) are in Category 3 .People who know better but aren't willing to apply the information. It's like knowing how to breathe but deciding to constantly hold your breath to be miserable. It's such a bummer. This group of people are the saddest of all. Not from my perspective, but from their own. Does this sound like it makes sense to anyone in here?

So we know our plan, correct? We know what to do, right? We're gonna do it right? Why not? The end result will be awesome! You can all have what I have and I'm not that smart. I just follow the rules. I'm like Scott Fifer. Just follow the rules. Alright, kids, that's it!
That's it, I'm out!

S&S Day 9: Chest and Back

Pushup central today with chest and back on P90x. Considering we worked out yesterday we went a little light today and scaled back on reps and weight. Regardless of that we still were burning and sweating during this workout. We did all the pushups on our knees rather than toes since we really tried to do every pushup correctly - especially the more difficult ones like the diamond push-up and the military push-up. since we were pressed for time we are saving ab ripper for tonight. And tomorrow its onto cardio. *sigh* maybe outdoor again? we'll see. how did your weekend workouts go?

No Rest for the weary!

Wow, clearly have our days mixed up. Don't pay attention to the video labels - It is actually Day 8 for us and it was supposed to be a rest day but Sariah had her former trainer come by and give us a session. We got on some new machines which was cool and learned another variation of the Dreya roll which uses a bosu ball. The day before we did a quick plyometric workout. We got through about 30 minutes of it since I had a morning appointment and was already running late. Plyo is intense but it's a great cardio workout and we usually incorporate some of the exercises when we go outside or do a run... All in all - no rest day —i mean weekend—workout for us! ~sefa

S&S Day 6: Did someone say Push-up?

TGIF! Day 6: Chest shoulders and triceps. One word for you: PUSH-UPS (or is that two words?) Several variations of a pushup. I think we actually did this video randomly last year and ohhh how we did not miss it! Even though we did the pushup exercises on our knees - it was still hard! Our arms, and shoulders are definitely feelin the burn. sheesh!

We hope everyone is still going strong with their workouts this week. We are getting hit by a snow storm today so no outdoor runs for us but we do have cardio tonight since I'll be teaching cardio dance (aka burlesque beat) at Crunch tonight and we're having an xbox dance central battle party too. See, fitness can be fun!! :)

S&S Express: New Year New You!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome! We're coming to you with a brand spankin new video podcast talking about new year resolutions. Everyone usually says "I wanna loose weight" and then heads to the gym that first week or so. Weeks later (if that) they'll find themselves back on the couch watching tv for hours with doritos or something. Boo! not this year. This year we want you to join us on reaching for a BETTER YOU! We're stepping our game up and want you to step it up as well. What are your new year resolutions? It can be fitness related or not - up to you but we want to hear from you! Leave a comment and if you're up for it- leave a link to your video response. Also don't forget to follow and subscribe to our blog. We'll keep the updates coming.

Until next time!
Sefa and Sariah