S&S Express: New Year New You!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome! We're coming to you with a brand spankin new video podcast talking about new year resolutions. Everyone usually says "I wanna loose weight" and then heads to the gym that first week or so. Weeks later (if that) they'll find themselves back on the couch watching tv for hours with doritos or something. Boo! not this year. This year we want you to join us on reaching for a BETTER YOU! We're stepping our game up and want you to step it up as well. What are your new year resolutions? It can be fitness related or not - up to you but we want to hear from you! Leave a comment and if you're up for it- leave a link to your video response. Also don't forget to follow and subscribe to our blog. We'll keep the updates coming.

Until next time!
Sefa and Sariah