S&S Day 56: Body Remix

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I (Sef) was attacked by the snooze monster this time around (must have been this dreary rainy morning) but have no fear!  I was high-tailing it down to gym to meet up with Sariah who already had a 8 min run going on the dreadmill. The gym regulars saw me walk in and gave me that look like "mmmn hmmm" with the side eye/smirk glance to their wrist as if to say we see who's late today...  HA!!  Anyway I went up to Sariah and said "let's do this." We grabbed medicine balls, 5lb weights, and jumpropes and attacked the Nike Training Club Workout called "Body Remix"  and started the clock on a workout that...




30 min folks...we were drenched in sweat around minute 2.

Take that take that take that (said in a classic Diddy voice)...   Um yeah.  that's what NTC told P90x.

It was gooood though.

It went a little something like this:

1 min: back pedal
2 min: light jog (we jumproped)
2 min: sliding glides
1 min: recover (we had no idea this was the only recover in the whole workout. dizzam - shoulda enjoyed it).
1 min: Burpee to shoulder press
1 min: Pushups with feet on medicine ball (really? really? try just holding a plank with this!)
1 min: Plank row to rotation (basically lift one arm with a 5lb weight in hand sideways)
1 min: Ski jumps (wide side jumps with medicine ball in hand)
2 min: Basketball lunge with medicine ball press (I personally love this one)
2 min: squat arm curls (squat then stand and do a bicep or hammer curl)
2 min: bunny hops with medicine ball overhead (this was so hard! and easy! we had to break after each 4 hops lol!)
1 min: bicycles (do this in ab ripper..psshhhh.. a breeze! hehe)
1 min: toe touches (ok not a breeze)
1 min: kick downs - we each took 30 seconds pushing each others legs down (GREAT ab excercise!)
1 min: Push up to frogger  (grrrrrrrr....pushing through)
2 min: single leg deadlift dumbbell row (great combo exercise...hard to do without losing balance!)
1 min: Medicine ball triceps push up (uhhhhh yeah... not that hardcore yet - hold a plank on ball or baby pushup )
1 min: alternating forward lunge to shoulder press
30 sec: mountain climbers
30 sec: knee tucks (we did jump tucks instead)
5 min: cool down/stretch (thank goodness)

Did that make you tired just reading it?  Multiply that times 100 and that's how we felt.

:) TGIF people!