P90x Day 19: Back it up

Legs and back today. We are totally turning into old ladies - sleep is so important people!!! We somehow managed to get up, have a half cup of coffee and make our way to the gym for legs and back. We stepped it up again in S&S fashion and used a bosu for some of our lunges and squats. We added weights to our back raises or back extensions as they're also called. Example randomly found on youtube here:

Heheheh - we do about 20-25 of these in lieu of chinups. We alternate with lateral pull-downs and hanging knee raises. There's no chair (high enough) or bands in the gym to help us do an assisted chinup. However, we'll get some for phase 2 don't you worry :)

As mentioned in our video - please visit another newcomer to the blog scene - one of our favorite trainers Kenny Pena has launched a blog with great nutritional and fitness advice. Visit here:

Anyhow, what workout did you do or have planned for today? leave us a comment!