Race Report: NYPD Memorial Run 5k

I signed up for this 5k to run alongside my brother who is with the NYPD not knowing I was going to be running a half marathon a day before. So I ALMOST skipped this but whatever, I told my brother I was gonna run it and it was in my neighborhood so I said why not? if its really bad I can walk it. 

Well to my surprise my brother overslept and missed this race (smh). I was already awake and ready to go so I said to myself let's just do this. Another good idea because I think it prevented my legs from super tightening up. the race shirt was an xl so i was stuck wearing my BK half shirt (which I could proudly wear!)

I recommend this race if you want a no-pressure, timed 5k in lower manhattan. The only con is I think the timer runs off the gun clock - not when you first crossed the start line. I ended up running a 33:04

btw: my phone died AGAIN.

Race Report: Brooklyn Half 2014

The good thing about telling people you plan to run a race is that you have to stick to your word or else sound a flake. The bad thing about telling people you plan to run a race is that you have to run the race.  Hence my predicament when the bk half drew near and I'd been sort of training alongside my dear friend and former "student", Billie, as she prepped for her 2nd half marathon. Sort of is a bit of an understatment as I had been trying to fit some semblance of a training plan since February - fitting in runs when I could. However, the longest run up to that point had been my sub 8-mile long run a few weeks prior. Rule of thumb is to at least get a 10 miler in. It wasn't looking good. The excitement of race day was too tempting to pass up though so I put a facebook post out to see if anyone had a bib to spare and lo and behold a friend of Billie's had one available.  Can't back down now! Fortunately Billie also semi-slacked on her running plan but I brush her off because she went all fitness loco on me since her 1st half marathon - completing spartan races, tough mudders, and takes kickboxing like 10 times a week while running her scheduled 3 and 5 milers here and there. loco in la cabeza, I tell you. Nonetheless she knew my reluctance about running and agreed to run the race WITH me - as in i will FINISH but I might start walking at some point - run the race with me. 
Rarely will you ever see a subway car packed like sardines at 6AM except for on a race morning.
 YEAH, Mitch comes to cheer! (only real friends wake up at 5 am to go WATCH you run past them 1 or 2 times)
 headed to the start line.
 Billie's roommate also comes to cheer.
 It's a hat. that says "Fierce" and its got leopard kitten ears. meow.
 oh and gigi ran too!!! she was a superstar and picked up my bib for me b/c I was stuck in the office on race packet pickup day. Viva la brooklyn!
 I'm still happy because it's only mile 2.

----recap highlights----
  • my phone (aka ipod aka music playlist) died 2 minutes before the race started
  • i planned for a dead battery and brought a portable mini charger
  • what i didn't plan was bringing the wrong cord for this charger
  • i almost quit right then and there because i spent an hour the night before arranging my playlist
  • i was jealous of everyone and their headphones
  • i was jealous of everyone and their headphones
  • i was jealous of everyone and their headphones
  • billie kept me company and chatted with me the entire race (true running partner/friend)
  •  i was jealous of everyone and their headphones
  • ive ran the bk half twice during it's first 2 years and I really liked modification of the route (not having to do prospect park loop twice)
  •  i still hated the ocean parkway straightaway
  • the bk crowds are soooooo much better than manhattan crowds
  • people's signs made me laugh
  •   by mile 6 my legs were sore
  • by mile 10 my ankles and legs were sore
  • by mile 11 my knees ankles and legs were sore
  • Billie almost left me like twice (i tried to get her to go ahead but she stuck by me)
  • by mile 12, mile 13 couldn't have come fast enough
  • crossing that finish line made me so proud of myself for running the entire route and sticking to finishing
  • the post race goodies were ehhhh
  • I'd run it again
  • i was jealous of everyone and their headphones

revisiting the Scenic long run

I've been missing my weekly sunday morning long runs so today I made a point to go. I loaded up my iphone with a jamming playlist and hit the streets around 8am. I aimed for 6 miles but had enough gas in the tank to bang out 7.75 (surprised even myself!). It was such a nice morning and you gotta love the city when it's still waking up.
by the wall street pier-views of brooklyn

beautiful flower show I passed in south street seaport. I remember this place used to be a spanish restaurant before hurricane sandy. I look her up and found her gorgeous work here

cut back west from the seaport to make my way across the brooklyn bridge
 cadman plaza park. it's a small park but i love the trees here and the running path/track
off to the brooklyn heights promenade for never-gets-old views of manhattan skyline
down by brooklyn bridge park/ferry - gotta head back across that bridge

back in one piece!

Showered with Love Baby Shower

With Baby Dockery's arrival just a little over a month away, my dear friends Marfa, Nicole, and I (as well as Mr P) took to planning a fun co-ed baby shower cocktail party. After scouring dozens of themes on pinterest I liked the literal theme of a shower - like clouds, rain, etc but wanted to put a glam-fab twist to it. So I opted for a grown up palette of gold, black, and white, and pink accents (nod to the Baby Dockery's gender). We had the whole thing catered by Sal Lamboglia, a chef who has worked the launches of fabulous NYC restaurants like the Dutch, Locanda Verde, and now Lafayette. The food was amazing, the decor exactly what I wanted, and the vibe was fun and giddy as always. Here are some snaps from the night:
Left: my entrance :) Dress from Asos. Right: My dad, Karl, and my good friend and cohost aka (college) "roomie" Kiana

Amazing cloud centerpiece by Nicole at NYCFlowerProject
Black and Gold! I spray painted baby bottles and pacifiers gold. In keeping with the theme, I designed these water bottle labels incorporating our logo (yes Mr. P and I have a logo). I couldn't decide on 1 shower design for the front so I had fun and used all 4!

Throughout the room were a few baby items scattered on tables and on window sills. Nicole made these mini cloud arrangements for various tables. People loved the kid rainboots with hydrangeas. Also scattered about were baby photos of me and P.
 One of the highlights was the slideshow we had looping on the tv showing even more embarrassing kid/baby photos of us as well as couple shots and our maternity shoot.
The Chili Bar was a hit!  
Though we had passed food, I wanted guests to be able to nibble and eat all night long without searching out a server. So this buffet table was a perfect complement to have. I almost didn't get these letter balloons (I had no idea so pricey!) but I'm really glad I did. It made for a good photo backdrop for guests.

Left: Newly engaged family Nicole, Mike, and Mike Jr. Right: my "big sis" Marfa, and our fashionista, Shelley from our Spring & 6th blog days
When I saw all the crazy baby shower games you can play I instantly thought "Heck, no" lol. BUT! there was one game that I thought would be crazy fun for all my lush alcoholic friends: the baby bottle drinking race game.  I wish I had it on video because we were all crying from laughing so hard at the cheers and jeers during the male and female races.
 Why am I not surprised Kiana won this contest? And for the men - it was a close one between Floyd and Antony
And when the party was over...some sweet parting gifts for all our guests. Cotton Candy and mini Prosecco bottles.
Labels and bottle tags by you know who :)
Photography: Cody Swanson and my dad Karl Kindred
Centerpiece and florals: Nicole Laurenceau, NYCFlowerProject
Catering: Chef Sal Lamboglia
Graphic Design and Art direction: moi! 

and special thanks to Marfa Ertilus and Floyd Boyce for not letting me worry about anything or moving stuff during and after the party. Kiana and Lisa for running the games. My makeup by Sariah. Our parents and family for traveling from Florida and Texas and Georgia to attend the celebration and of course all our friends for coming! We had a blast!

OH! and we didn't use paper invitations - we kept it green and used an online rsvp site,  Here's the digital invite that went out as well as part of the thank you email — I think it pretty much set the tone of how we wanted the night to go. Fun fun fun...

Taking stock in october...

It's almost time! Less than 50 days til the big day!

Making : decor items for shower next week. I couldn't help it - I need something to do!
Cooking : comfort food like a yummy chili that will last me 3 days.
Drinking : Decaf iced coffee in the morning and cold cold cold ice water
Reading: about labor and delivery (um.. doesn't sound fun).
Wanting: our dining room table to arrive ... its taking forever.
Looking: like I swallowed a basketball a watermelon. lol.
Playing: a lot of throwbacks (90s R&B and pop)
Wasting: free time on pinterest (soo much cute stuff!)
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: it was easier to find a position to sleep in. STILL
Enjoying: weekends with no plans (this is what it is like to relax?)
Waiting: for her! but patiently :) 
Liking: the constant dance rehearsals and kickboxing classes in my tummy.
Wondering: how life is gonna change
Loving: still - his daily conversations to her via talking to my tummy.
Hoping: (more like praying) this pregnancy continues to progress smoothly

Marveling: at my ever growing tummy size
Needing: more days off! kind of love chilling at home these days
Smelling: like cinnamon candles and fresh flowers I bought
Wearing: leggings and trying to still work in my pre-preggo clothes (somehow)
Following: lots of mom-ish blogs
Noticing: the leaves change
Knowing: I have less than 50 days
Thinking: of all the things that need to be done
Feeling: fine
Bookmarking: recipes and articles for fall/winter
Opening: lots of UPS and fedex boxes!
Giggling: at my awkward self trying to bend down to pick things up off the ground, get out of bed, or off our couch. it's truly comical.

Taking Stock...

A peek from my maternity shoot with Armando

Saw this post idea on this blog

Making : Paintings...received a cool commission so have to get 2 out the door this week!
Cooking : more like baking - been using the oven a lot for chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, and apple desserts.
Drinking : Decaf iced coffee in the morning and cold cold cold ice water
Reading: the internet - soo much to read and research for this little one who's coming
Wanting: our dining room table to arrive. i'm excited.
Looking: like I swallowed a basketball lol.
Playing: a lot of Lorde and any other newish artist that has that vibe.
Wasting: some of my meals. My eyes are hungrier than my stomach sometimes.
Sewing: nothing!
Wishing: it was easier to find a position to sleep in.
Enjoying: the fall weather in NYC - looooove it.
Waiting: for her! but patiently :) 
Liking: all the baby gap royal line...the crown sleeper!
Wondering: what she's going to be like
Loving: his daily conversations to her via talking to my tummy.
Hoping: (more like praying) this pregnancy continues to progress smoothly
Marveling: at my tummy moving at the randomest times
Needing: more days off! kind of love chilling at home these days
Smelling: like cinnamon candles and fresh flowers I bought
Wearing: leggings. leggings. leggings.
Following: my heart
Noticing: other people's baby related brands on the street (like strollers!)
Knowing: there's so much to look forward to
Thinking: about how life is gonna change
Feeling: optimistic and nervous 
Bookmarking: (more like pinning!) every thing that is cute (clothes, blogs, party ideas, etc)
Opening: boxes
Giggling: at my dance moves in this new body ...sometimes.

Run, eunice, run!

I signed up for a half marathon in March so training must commence yet again.  I'm taking it easy and not really planning on going for a PR unless my I find myself during training leading up to the race around sub-10min miles. Baby steps. So first things first: getting up bright and early in the cold to get the runs in—regardless of time. 


We run the North Face GOGI 10k

We finished!!! Unofficial time 1:13

So happy to share this moment with CV - after 8 weeks of training, she completed her first 10K with an amazing time of 1:10:29. I would totally run this race again for the views and for the multiple terrains. It was such a chill "race" with a really cool vibe even despite the oncoming heat we were supposed to have that day (high 90s).  After the race, we visited the Graphic Design exhibition sponsored by Cooper Union.  Good times and good runs with good friends. Nice!

Highlights of our 10k

This is the chillest pre-race vibe I've ever experienced lol. #gogi10k

I have a race cheerleader today! Me and my daddy on the governor island ferry
Love having my dad in town to cheer me on!

We Run for Haiti

My friend Nycole organizes a group to do this fun 4 mile charity run/walk every year.  It's always fun to do because there's no other time I can get my friends to jog with me through central park at 8am (haha!)  So this year, we're at it again with our 4 mile jog and walk.  It was especially nice because Jaime just returned from L.A. and I got catch up with my isa [dance] compadres.

And here's a video recap:

NTC: Slim Effect Sunday

S&S back for a sunday showdown of exercise madness... We tackle another NTC workout. This time, it's slim effect. Folks, this one is a good one. here's a quickie post-workout recap.

Run recap: 8 mile snow run

NYC finally got it's first snowfall of winter and of course, that's the day I decide to do my long run. I thought i'd be the only crazy outside running but no, oh no, I was not. I counted 6 people running outside in the snow so there! Anyhow, it was a bit of a challenge because I had to a) watch where I was steppin (for ice, puddles, etc) b) put a little extra oompfh in my step because I felt like I wasn't going anywhere (like running in sand) c) I had continually wipe my glasses (contacts would have been a good idea). I got it done though... Onto next week.. I need to get a 10 mile in. I'm a little off schedule but I feel like if I can get at least a 10 mile run in before the race I shall be fine to finish.

S&S Recap: NTC

Today we tackle a nike training club workout.  We love the NTC workouts since you can get a really tough workout in a short amount of time (30 min).   And by tough we mean we really enjoyed it when we got to our 60 second rest periods during the workout.  If you haven't tried it out find the NTC app for your iphone or ipad - it's free!

S&S is back!

holy smokes batman - guess who's back?!  I think it took a week or two of us trying to coordinate our workout together but we finally got it together this morning.  I thoroughly missed our morning text message convos trying to get each other up. Today's motivation - jetting next door for a morning coffee pick-me-up.  Afterwards we ran back to our gym and hopped on the dreadmill.  I was supposed to get 3 miles in today but we did 2 because of the late start.  Tomorrow is a 5 miler so we'll see how that goes  since rain is forecasted (argh).  It might be a NTC day.  Until then... peace!

My morning runs are videolicious

As if I didn't have any more on my plate, one of my goals for the year was to get back into running. There are obviously physical benefits of this type of cardiovascular exercise but I actually like running more for clearing my head and getting some me time.  I think I spend up to 12+ hours a day on the computer (both work & home).  Granted I do teach classes here and there but my mind is totally focused on the class or on the choreography so it's not exactly conducive to "zoning out."   So I like running for that purpose. I am outside and I can think about what's on tap for the day, how to solve a creative problem, look at the pretty scenery or cute dogs, let go of drama (if there is any), what to wear today, the list goes on and on and on...

The problem is that sometimes I'm good about just getting up in the morning and running. As I get older, however, that spring in my step at 7am is sometimes stuck... in bed...snoozing and dreaming away.  SO being the totally goal oriented person that I am—that's just how I roll—I signed up for a half marathon.  Again.  This one however is creeping up on me - giving me about 6 weeks to prep.  The nice thing about the half though is that it is in St. Petersburg, Florida.. (hello Tampa!) so I'm looking forward to the mini-winter break in my hometown.  I've clearly turned into a snowbird.  yep that's me.

If you want to get the run recaps, I've been video-blogging my training.  I've discovered a super duper cool app called Videolicious that edits your photos and videos into a neat little movie in about 3 easy steps.  Of course, there's more I wish it  could do but then again - I like the simplicity of being able to push out an edited video (with music!) in a matter of minutes FROM my iphone. So if you have an iphone, I highly recommend it. And the best part?  It's FREE so download it asap before it gets too popular and they decide to slap a price on it!

Here's a sample running recap video I did.

Makeup Monday - Day 4 run recap

I had a hard time getting out of bed Sunday (which is usually my long run day) so I relaxed for the extra hour and told myself to do it monday morning.  In hindsight, I totally wish i would have done it yesterday because after my run this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was rush through the hot shower afterwards and "run" to work.  Lesson learned.   I'm still proud of myself for finishing this.  I had a few thoughts of stopping and walking but halfway through I was in a groove.  My GPS was acting up so I ran according to time and figured that I would be close to 7 miles after an 1 hr and 10min.  But then I wasn't home yet so the extra 8 minutes seemed to get me just above 7.5 mi.  Wish me luck that I don't nap at work!

No tourists for once... so rare.

BK and back...

Run Report: Day 2

Checking in with day 2 of my 1/2 marathon training. I missed the boat yesterday morning so I had to make up for it this morning with my 5 miler.  Ended up going a little over.  Ankle was sore starting off but eventually got into a groove where it didn't bother me at all.  Might need to some ankle stretching soon as I get out of bed.  Here's a peek into my route and run.

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