S&S Extra: Sefa's Sunday morning run

With Sariah away enjoying the fabulous life in (warm!) LA for the NBA all-star weekend, I'm holding down the fort here in the big apple.  Sorry for being MIA on the posting front - everytime I sit down to blog I get sidelined by other distractions! To make up for it, I made a super-duper podcast about my run yesterday.  It's part travel, part commentary, part blair-witch (you'll see), and all S&S... ok maybe just S. 

I started off at the manhattan side of the BK bridge and ran to Brooklyn, through BK heights and Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)  and back across the Manhattan Bridge into Chinatown.  It was a chilly day but an all-around good run. It's been a while since I've done anything longer than 3 miles and it made me miss 1/2 marathon training a bit. Sunday mornings were strictly limited to the Long Run.  One of the main reasons I looked forward to it was for the music mixes I would load up on my ipod. But now that I'm addicted to podcasts, I had that goin during yesterday's run and that was also relaxing. 

Anyhow, hope everyone had a fun fit weekend... I've been running more while S is away - also did some home makeover projects. Today however i'm snowed in (can't believe it was 70 degrees on friday) home catching up on projects, magazines, and blogging!  How did you enjoy your weekend?

Here's a few snaps from my west coast half:
Sariah at an all-star party
View during her workout:  30 min on the elliptical, a few arm strength exercises and abs on a medicine ball.

Sariah's breakfast