Day 35: Cali face with a down south bump (chest & shoulders)

Episode title is for the jam by baby Bash ft E-40 ; we were listening to during our workout... props to satellite radio because we would need another 3 or 4 months before the song makes its way to east coast. Wow talk about pushup central. Soo many variations of a pushup and tricep extension - our arms and chest are exhuasted! Funny thoughts during watching the P90 video:
  • woman looka-like-a man
  • wow, tony doing those plyo/clap pushups makes him look like a dolphin
  • our favorite song (not!) came on the radio - put your head on my pillow (sef attempted to yodel like the artist)
  • if we could do every exercise while laying on our back this would be so much easier lol
  • we could have been done earlier if we did not have an hour-long convo via text message from bed starting at 6am about how cold it was and how we did not want to get out of bed
  • another pushup?
  • we should take a picture during these side tri extensions - we look so fab
  • did we really have to run that fast on the treadmill this morning? did that run burn off the mini bagel we ate before coming to work out? 
  • someone changed the radio station! OH ...NO... THEY.... DIDN'T!!!!!
  • seriously? another pushup?
  • there's 5 minutes left - why hasn't cool down started?! hello?!
Ah well -we hope you all have a fabulous weekend... we'll see ya in a bit!

Today's Jam: