Snowed in but not snoring! Still on the grind

Happy Snow day! We got hit with a big storm today - not big enough to warrant staying home (boooo) but enough to keep us indoors and off the paths. What happened to us yesterday you ask? Hmn...first I (sef) overslept :) I snoozed my 6am alarm and next thing I know its 730. When I went to hit up Sariah (who did mssg me at 620a) she was knocked out then. LOL. SOOO considering we've been at it for more than 7 days straight, we listened to our bodies and gave ourselves a rest day. We're back at it this morning with Legs and Back. We amped up the workout today by holding 5lb weights during all the lunge exercises and for chinups we subbed in lat pull down and rows. We finished up with ab ripper X.

We had to shuffle our P90 schedule around due to us working out our shoulders and arms on sunday with Sariah's old trainer, Aryeh, hence a chest and back workout on monday. In general- we've modified our P90 schedule anyhow because we like Sundays for Yoga (because a: though super challenging, it's like stretching to us and b: it's just a nice way to end the week) and we've subbed the stretch/rest day for cardio only because we have immediate short term goals project we have to get ready for like Sariah shooting her music video (woo woo!). so ignore the video day numbering labels - i get all mixed up when referring to our google doc which is numbered differently. we started on jan 1 so obviously it's day 12 today (duh!)

For phase 1 our schedule is something like this:

Monday: Shoulders & Arms
Tues: Cardio or rest
Wed: Legs & Back
Thurs: Kenpo
Fri: chest and back
Sat: Plyometrics
Sun: Yoga/stretch

For a P90 worksheet, we've been using this as our guide which is nice b/c it lists all the exercises and tracks the reps and weights of most workouts so that we don't need to use the video.

Speaking of video, You'll have to ignore our ghetto video blog today - I'm using different tools so I didn't get to give it the pizzazz that it normally has. But I had fun and threw in some pictures and a different intro song. The intro song is "Fame" by Lady Gaga and the outro song is Sariah's next release - "All About Sex"

Until next time!