S&S SWAG GIVEAWAY!!!! and oh yeah..Day 54: Core Synergistics...

S&S is back!!! The S&S duo is reunited once again with Sariah coming back from L.A. for all-star weekend. She recounts her experience fitting exercise while traveling while I struggle with getting physically out of bed. ; Today is "recovery" week for P90x but that just really translates to "Cardio week" for us—today being core synergistics.We fast-tracked it today not using the video and going off the core synergistics exercise list we have in our worksheet (seriously, Tony does a lot of talking) so it gets down to a 40-45 min workout. It was a jam-packed workout and felt energized afterwards.

Also on the video we announced our first ever...

S&S Swag Giveaway!!!
S&S Swag giveaway!

To show some love to our fit and fabulous friends here in blog/podcast land, we're giving away a stability ball (with dvd and exercise poster) and a water bottle (since we're always harping about drinking some H20). Very cool swag for all you cool people out there. And if you already have a stability ball, enter anyway! Give it to a coworker or friend who always talks about excercising yet drops the ball (ha!) on actually doing something about it. Either way - GOOD LUCK!


Leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH of the things below.  1 comment = 1 entry.  We suggest you do everything specified below to increase your chances of winning.  If you do all 10, that's 10 entries!

We will choose the winner this coming Sunday, Feb 27 and announce on our monday morning video podcast!

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Please remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH of the things below.  1 comment = 1 entry. Increase your chances of winning by doing extra credit items!

Good luck!
Sefa & Sariah

Disclaimer:  This giveaway is hosted by Sefa & Sariah - we were not paid for our opinions on these products -they are our own. These companies do not know who we are. Entries close at 8pm Sunday Feb 27