Swaddle me baby: A peek into Aden + Anais HQ

When aden + anais sent an eblast out asking fans to submit their "mom hacks" for a chance to win an invite to their headquarters and some swag, I didn't think much of winning when I entered. But the swaddle angels looked down favorably on me and a few days later I got an email saying I'm invited! So I invited fellow mama, RL, and we hopped across the river to Dumbo to check out where the muslin magic happens and take a peek at aden + anais. 

The cocktail party, held in the company's main conference/play room complete with bar/massage chair/air hockey table, was a small intimate affair with around 20 or so people. It was a bit awkward as all the attendees were either congregating around the lounge or the conference room table so unless you were a fearless icebreaker, everyone kind of kept to themselves. RL and I were perfectly content at the bar (lol) catching up on her recent summer travel in France with her husband and 3 month old, while sipping margaritas and sneaking in a rice krispy treat bite. It was a little like being at a middle school dance with no one willing to break out on the dance floor. However aden + anais founder, Raegan, worked both sides of the room chatting up mamas and answering questions. I learned of their other products which happened to be displayed—of which I had no idea they produced—such as a bath and body line, bedding, and muslin apparel. 
my favs from the line. That romper, though?!
A sneek peek into their Fall release! I heart this blanket (for myself lol)
I fell in love with their dream and daydream blankets which are essentially multilayers of their muslin fabric used in their swaddles but bunched and sewn together with a border. SO soft! And i was living for the black and white patterns which would go so perfectly in the girls room!   I mean when I found out I was pregnant, their swaddle blankets were THE go-to - HAD TO have them (and rightly so) items. The fabric is just so soft and flexible and stretchy, and the prints are across the board from modern (plain colors or iconic patterns) to baby oriented (pink/blue cutesy animals etc) to suit every kind of taste. 
Both Nyla and Winter have been rocking aden + anais from day 1!
When we left all the attendees were given a swaddle blanket and products - double YAY! I can say that I've broken out the conditioner on winter's hair. I loved the texture of her hair post-conditioning so I will continue to test it out on both of us. And of course the swaddle blanket is always welcome because even though Nyla doesn't swaddle, I use it for nursing, bundling her in the stroller, or even laying out in grass if we decide to spontaneously take a trip out.  So thanks again to aden + anais for the invite.
I was not compensated for this post. I'm just a fan of the brand!

Taking Stock: Jan 2015

Making : Family videos - 2 down (cruise video and winter's year recap) and 1 more to go.
Cooking : lots of breakfasts...but getting ready for the sunday cookoff for the week ahead
Drinking : orange peach mango juice (my new obsession)
Reading: the internet - on everything
Wanting: more vacation days
Looking: bigger.
Playing: a game of cat and mouse with winter
Wasting: nothing
Sewing: nothing!
Wishing: for more vacation days lol.
Enjoying: the brief snowfall we had this morning
Waiting: for the huge markdowns to happen in all my fav stores
Liking: laying in bed for as long as possible
Wondering: what this year will be like
Loving: laying in bed with him and winter watching cartoons or sportscenter in the morning
Hoping: for a healthy year ahead for all of us
Marveling: at how things have changed
Needing: more vacation days
Smelling: carven (should buy this)
Wearing: leggings. leggings. leggings.
Following: my heart
Noticing: how much Winter develops each day
Knowing: there's so much to look forward to
Thinking: about how life will always change
Feeling: optimistic and nervous 
Bookmarking: (more like pinning!) every thing that is cute (clothes, blogs, party ideas, etc)
Opening: emails
Giggling: at all the funny stuff Winter does on the daily (even when she's arguing with me)

Looking forward to 2015

Hello, new year.  We meet again to share reflection, goal setting, and once again look to another 365 days with that newfound optimism that 12:01 seems to bring.  My main goal for 2014 was to get my artwork from the show out into more hands. Of course, Winter kept my hands pretty full already (as expected) so that goal still remains. I have a few other things in the works but will wait to announce. Anyhow, I know 2015 will be a year of change so I'm just buckling my seatbelt and getting ready for the ride.  2014 was still pretty amazing—see below:

Happy Born Day!

first birthday as a mom. no parties, no craziness, just quality time with my other half and mini-me.  all good. what i wanted as a gift though? long overdue haircut and hair color. I have greys!!  I got to go all fancypants at the Warren Tricomi Salon in the plaza hotel in midtown. fancy yes.  fancy results - yezzir.

On my actual bday (which was sunday) I went for a morning run with Winter then had brunch with my bestie and then hung out in the park with the kiddies.  chill.   Afterwards we picked up some cupcakes from sprinkles. Then Mr. P's friends came to hang out with him and one of them brought an ice cream cake! (aw) 

 The office usually does a nice showing of bday festivities but alas no one but my sis remembered (and this is why she is my sis lol)  so this was what was on my desk on monday morning. Thanks, M!

Rocksbox Review

I heard about this cool site called via a facebook listing and the idea behind it intrigued me.  First you fill out a questionaire online describing your personal style. Then you're assigned a stylist who picks out and sends 3 jewelry accessories.  You get to rock the accessories for as long as you want and as many times as you want. And when you're over it, you pack it back in the box with the enclosed postage and they'll send you 3 new things!  No commitment and I get to try and wear pieces to my heart's content.   And if you do fall in love with something then you just keep it and you're billed for that item —but at a reduced member's price! Here's what I got on my first shipment. I've had several shipments already and I feel like the stylists really listen to my feedback. Check out rocksbox here!

I'm a sucker for bows and boxes - love the packaging!
How lovely is this bracelet? I almost kept it!  I also got the pendant necklace. Simple and understated.
 The outfit i rocked it with
Dress: Club Monaco, Sweater: J Crew, Flats: C Wonder.
 Another look at the bracelet and necklace.

Go Argentina!

We kick off the world cup party festivities with a big party at work. We all chose teams - I know nothing about soccer but I'm put on Argentina's team. Apparently this guy named Messi is pretty good. lol

 Little Genesis was also visiting the office. She was your new work bff. 

Say, Cheese!

One of the great things about working in advertising, you never know what each day brings. Today, in the office we had an agency photoshoot. I'm assuming it was for showing the many faces and personalities that make up our agency but who knows. What I do know is that we were supposed to be playful and natural and even a little silly so when I asked for a "beyonce" fan, I got one. Some behind-the-scenes shots:
And on another note, my daily Winter shot! Here she is with her teacher, Katherine. Winter looks a lil peeved but it's probably because I woke her up. She really loves Katherine and gives her smiles all the time.

Pucker up! Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

Sorry girl, no lipstick for you just yet!
I recently joined influenster, a social media & marketing crossover platform that allows users to post reviews and fill out surveys which qualifies them to occasionally receive free products for review. Well, today in the mail I got a #voxbox package to test out a new lipstick by Rimmel called MoistureRenew.  Now I'm not a huge makeup fanatic but I do wear it on a daily basis - my routine takes about 5-10 minutes.  My must-have items has always been a black eyeliner (sephora liquid) and eyeshadow (urban decay fan) and blush (Nars). Lipstick, on the other hand, is an item I'll wear on occasion. I'm always stumped on what shades will look natural yet give me some life.  I've been known to experiment with color:
Ha, by color I mean, just regular bright red. Personally, it takes a bit of guts to wear a loud fire engine red but if you rock it like you mean it, it can work well.  So back to Rimmel, I got this in the mail:

Can't complain with the packaging. I love purple. The color itself, 360 As you want Victoria, was way too bright for my taste but ooooh, I love the feel and texture of this lipstick. Thanks to three super moisturizers and vitamins A, C, and E,  it glides on super smooth and the pigment was rich and semi glossy. I am a fan of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and applying this on reminded me of that. high five.

Super pink, right? I feel like I can take this into a night out or days when I want to bring it. Either way, I think I can even tone it down with a darker lip liner pencil. I'll make it work because it's keeper in the makeup bag.

What do you think? yay or nay?

Disclosure: Though the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick featured in this post was provided for review purposes by Influenster, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Trying out

 Its crazy how well those facebook ads get to you. This company called showed up on my newsfeed and was offering a free 3 month membership and 2 free meals to entice new signups for their meal delivery service. I liked the site design (clean, beautiful photography, simple user interface/experience) and the meals looked delicious and fairly easy (as in not time-consuming) to make, so I figured why not.  I chose two meals: Meatloaf with brussel sprouts and potatoes and Spicy Soy Poached Pollock with Vermicelli Noodles. Mr. P made the pollock and it came out amazing. Loved the flavors. Heres how he netted out:
 See! Just like the photo! I made the meatloaf the next day. I can't believe i didn't take the final picture (I was too eager to eat!) but surprisingly it came out looking surprisingly like the photo on the menu so I'm using that instead:
Here's me making the meatloaf dish: 
the ingredients. 
 after sauteing the onions, I mix everything into the beef mixture.
The brussels sprouts and tomatos turned out amazing.

The verdict? The recipes turned out great  but I think the price point is a little "high" considering I could order food delivery at almost the same cost with no labor. Other pros: the uniqueness of some of the menus, all the ingredients are right there for you, it's delivered ready-to-make, and the food was good! Cons? Very trivial like I still have to do tasks like chop up onions. In the end, I will remain a member and opt to try out new recipes I wouldn't have known to do otherwise.

If you want to try out, click on this link: for $30 off your first order.

This post is not sponsored by, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Champagne (and milk) Friday

When we first moved to the city years ago we used to throw frequent (like almost weekly) house parties called Champagne Fridays. It was a casual come-from-work-as-you-are kind of get together. Bottles upon bottles of champagne, prosecco, or mixed drinks were consumed while either engaging in some activity (cupcake making, summer olympics opening ceremony viewing, kinnect game night, etc) Now that everyone has "grown up" and has kids I thought why stop? just bring the kids! so we did, had pizza delivered, hired our sitter to give everyone an extra helping hand entertaining the kids, and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. It was great and we all vowed to not only do it again but to down more than two (2?! smh) bottles.

2014: Looking back and forth

My 2013 recap email I sent to my mailing list of supporters that I wanted to share here as well:

As we step into 2014, I look back at the variety of events that have changed my life over the past 12 months. 2013 has been epic, to say the least, but it puts 2014 in a whole new exciting light for me. Since a part of last year's success was due to your support of my dream of launching my first solo exhibition, I thought I'd share a visual recap of my 2013 (including what happened after the show) and what's in store for the year ahead. Thank you again for your support and cheers to a happy 2014!

My pop-up exhibit for Soundtracks:Freestyle took place on March 14, 2013 at RogueSpace Gallery in New York City • From that show, my work was mentioned in PM360, Sheen magazine,, and was selected for an outdoor public exhibit through • I sold a few pieces, and two were commissioned for a residential project in China • I dj'ed quite a bit: the Gansevoort Hotel for a superbowl party, closed out my residency at the C Wonder flagship, and worked the tables for Precious Dreams Foundation celebrity charity fundraiser • I found some time for a little R&R as well - with a vacation to Anguilla.

Want to see what it's like juggling a full-time job, a dj residency, teaching dance classes, all while trying to launch a solo exhibition? It's all here in this mini-documentary, Eunice Kindred • Artist, which takes a look at how I became to be me, the role art has played in my life, and the challenges I encountered turning this dream into a reality.

And in true Eunice fashion, it seems I'll be juggling another hat into my occupational line-up...that of "mom." I closed out the year welcoming a brand new addition to my family. Winter Josefina made her debut on November 26. Feel free to follow our adventures on my blog,

For 2014, my goal is to not only continue to find venues to exhibit my work but to also get my art out into the hands and homes of art-lovers everywhere. Starting today, prints will be available for purchase at my shop on Original paintings as well as additional products, such as iphone cases, apparel, and housewares will be released through my shop available on my site. My soundtracks:freestyle Tshirts and iphone cases are currently on sale (so grab one before they sell out!) but look out for the release of additional designs in 2014.

Showered with Love Baby Shower

With Baby Dockery's arrival just a little over a month away, my dear friends Marfa, Nicole, and I (as well as Mr P) took to planning a fun co-ed baby shower cocktail party. After scouring dozens of themes on pinterest I liked the literal theme of a shower - like clouds, rain, etc but wanted to put a glam-fab twist to it. So I opted for a grown up palette of gold, black, and white, and pink accents (nod to the Baby Dockery's gender). We had the whole thing catered by Sal Lamboglia, a chef who has worked the launches of fabulous NYC restaurants like the Dutch, Locanda Verde, and now Lafayette. The food was amazing, the decor exactly what I wanted, and the vibe was fun and giddy as always. Here are some snaps from the night:
Left: my entrance :) Dress from Asos. Right: My dad, Karl, and my good friend and cohost aka (college) "roomie" Kiana

Amazing cloud centerpiece by Nicole at NYCFlowerProject
Black and Gold! I spray painted baby bottles and pacifiers gold. In keeping with the theme, I designed these water bottle labels incorporating our logo (yes Mr. P and I have a logo). I couldn't decide on 1 shower design for the front so I had fun and used all 4!

Throughout the room were a few baby items scattered on tables and on window sills. Nicole made these mini cloud arrangements for various tables. People loved the kid rainboots with hydrangeas. Also scattered about were baby photos of me and P.
 One of the highlights was the slideshow we had looping on the tv showing even more embarrassing kid/baby photos of us as well as couple shots and our maternity shoot.
The Chili Bar was a hit!  
Though we had passed food, I wanted guests to be able to nibble and eat all night long without searching out a server. So this buffet table was a perfect complement to have. I almost didn't get these letter balloons (I had no idea so pricey!) but I'm really glad I did. It made for a good photo backdrop for guests.

Left: Newly engaged family Nicole, Mike, and Mike Jr. Right: my "big sis" Marfa, and our fashionista, Shelley from our Spring & 6th blog days
When I saw all the crazy baby shower games you can play I instantly thought "Heck, no" lol. BUT! there was one game that I thought would be crazy fun for all my lush alcoholic friends: the baby bottle drinking race game.  I wish I had it on video because we were all crying from laughing so hard at the cheers and jeers during the male and female races.
 Why am I not surprised Kiana won this contest? And for the men - it was a close one between Floyd and Antony
And when the party was over...some sweet parting gifts for all our guests. Cotton Candy and mini Prosecco bottles.
Labels and bottle tags by you know who :)
Photography: Cody Swanson and my dad Karl Kindred
Centerpiece and florals: Nicole Laurenceau, NYCFlowerProject
Catering: Chef Sal Lamboglia
Graphic Design and Art direction: moi! 

and special thanks to Marfa Ertilus and Floyd Boyce for not letting me worry about anything or moving stuff during and after the party. Kiana and Lisa for running the games. My makeup by Sariah. Our parents and family for traveling from Florida and Texas and Georgia to attend the celebration and of course all our friends for coming! We had a blast!

OH! and we didn't use paper invitations - we kept it green and used an online rsvp site,  Here's the digital invite that went out as well as part of the thank you email — I think it pretty much set the tone of how we wanted the night to go. Fun fun fun...

Taking stock in october...

It's almost time! Less than 50 days til the big day!

Making : decor items for shower next week. I couldn't help it - I need something to do!
Cooking : comfort food like a yummy chili that will last me 3 days.
Drinking : Decaf iced coffee in the morning and cold cold cold ice water
Reading: about labor and delivery (um.. doesn't sound fun).
Wanting: our dining room table to arrive ... its taking forever.
Looking: like I swallowed a basketball a watermelon. lol.
Playing: a lot of throwbacks (90s R&B and pop)
Wasting: free time on pinterest (soo much cute stuff!)
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: it was easier to find a position to sleep in. STILL
Enjoying: weekends with no plans (this is what it is like to relax?)
Waiting: for her! but patiently :) 
Liking: the constant dance rehearsals and kickboxing classes in my tummy.
Wondering: how life is gonna change
Loving: still - his daily conversations to her via talking to my tummy.
Hoping: (more like praying) this pregnancy continues to progress smoothly

Marveling: at my ever growing tummy size
Needing: more days off! kind of love chilling at home these days
Smelling: like cinnamon candles and fresh flowers I bought
Wearing: leggings and trying to still work in my pre-preggo clothes (somehow)
Following: lots of mom-ish blogs
Noticing: the leaves change
Knowing: I have less than 50 days
Thinking: of all the things that need to be done
Feeling: fine
Bookmarking: recipes and articles for fall/winter
Opening: lots of UPS and fedex boxes!
Giggling: at my awkward self trying to bend down to pick things up off the ground, get out of bed, or off our couch. it's truly comical.

Taking Stock...

A peek from my maternity shoot with Armando

Saw this post idea on this blog

Making : Paintings...received a cool commission so have to get 2 out the door this week!
Cooking : more like baking - been using the oven a lot for chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, and apple desserts.
Drinking : Decaf iced coffee in the morning and cold cold cold ice water
Reading: the internet - soo much to read and research for this little one who's coming
Wanting: our dining room table to arrive. i'm excited.
Looking: like I swallowed a basketball lol.
Playing: a lot of Lorde and any other newish artist that has that vibe.
Wasting: some of my meals. My eyes are hungrier than my stomach sometimes.
Sewing: nothing!
Wishing: it was easier to find a position to sleep in.
Enjoying: the fall weather in NYC - looooove it.
Waiting: for her! but patiently :) 
Liking: all the baby gap royal line...the crown sleeper!
Wondering: what she's going to be like
Loving: his daily conversations to her via talking to my tummy.
Hoping: (more like praying) this pregnancy continues to progress smoothly
Marveling: at my tummy moving at the randomest times
Needing: more days off! kind of love chilling at home these days
Smelling: like cinnamon candles and fresh flowers I bought
Wearing: leggings. leggings. leggings.
Following: my heart
Noticing: other people's baby related brands on the street (like strollers!)
Knowing: there's so much to look forward to
Thinking: about how life is gonna change
Feeling: optimistic and nervous 
Bookmarking: (more like pinning!) every thing that is cute (clothes, blogs, party ideas, etc)
Opening: boxes
Giggling: at my dance moves in this new body ...sometimes.

Summer Vacay warm-up: Miami

We had grand plans to do western mediterranean cruise this summer and tour spain and the french riviera. But our little one has already started to insert its own 2 cents into our plans. Unfortunately cruise ships have a pregnancy week cutoff that I would pass so we had to go back to the drawing board. Instead, we decided to try and unwind and go for some serious R&R with a weeklong caribbean vacation in Anguilla. To ease into the island life, we decided to do a quick 2-days warm-up in Miami. We decided to stay a little further north up the strip for a change at the Fontainebleau and found it to be a quick and perfect way to gear up for Anguilla.

1. This resort is massive. My photog skills would not do it justice so here's a photo from their site. 2. Even a basic deluxe room is a good size and I especially love the imacs that come with it (and free wifi). 3. Our first stop after landing at 8am - hitting up Yardbird for some chicken buscuits. 4. All that comfort food was a little much so I hit the treadmill for a 20 min walk and a Nike training club workout. 5. I negated the workout with poolside (virgin) pina coladas until ...6) the storm clouds started rolling in. 7) Got a little nap in before heading to Barceloneta. 8 & 9) A selfie 10) ending the night with a little pool at the Delano.

6 month recap

It's not that I forgot to blog it's that stuff has been happening!  So I'll show moreso than tell...
First off: I trained for the Dallas 1/2 marathon in the beginning of the year only to not run the race due to work and schedule conflicts. Boo.  I still love running in the winter though.
I DJ'ed here and there... A superbowl party at the Gansevoort Park, weekends at C Wonder, and then a charity benefit at Hotel Chantelle for the Precious Dreams Foundation. 
DJ Sefa on the 1s and 2s
And I even dj'ed a wedding!
Sandhya & Adam's wedding at the Benjamin Hotel in NYC
I kept teaching at crunch...
...and I spent most nights and weekends painting my butt off.
all the while producing and sending rewards to my kickstarter backers
all in the name of getting ready for my solo exhibit, Soundtracks:Freestyles...
which took place in Chelsea at Rogue Space Gallery.  It was a crazy amount of work getting this show together but it was all so worth it.   For more about the work and the show visit my art site at   My work got featured in places and in pages which was pretty cool.
Clockwise from top left: PM360 greatest creators issue featured art works by artists working in the advertising industry,  Sheen Magazine did a feature on me and my show, and online website featured my works in an outdoor public exhibition in herald square in NYC.
and then I relaxed!
I took a bit of a break to go to P's reunion, hang out in the city, and even jet down to Miami for a little R&R.  I came back to an insane work schedule at the office and next thing you know, it's July.   Sheesh!

Thank goodness it's friday!

I feel like this is the first free weekend I've had since coming back from our vacation in late November. Been busy djing at C Wonder during the holiday frenzy but now it's time to grind out some paintings for the show. Speaking of paintings, check out my iphone case designed by me featuring my Kill the Lights painting.  I can't wait to launch the line later this year! Stay tuned!

What I wore: Jacket - Mango (I had to snap a photo of my new jacket because I've been on a hunt for a cargo/anorak ish jacket in black and not military camo green and finally scored one on sale at Mango), Hat and sweatshirt - HM, grey jeans from Joe Fresh, flannel button down shirt from Forever21, accessories from jcrew & Banana Republic, Warby Parker glasses (sinclair), and my bag is from MZ Wallace.

Run, eunice, run!

I signed up for a half marathon in March so training must commence yet again.  I'm taking it easy and not really planning on going for a PR unless my I find myself during training leading up to the race around sub-10min miles. Baby steps. So first things first: getting up bright and early in the cold to get the runs in—regardless of time.