Summer Vacay warm-up: Miami

We had grand plans to do western mediterranean cruise this summer and tour spain and the french riviera. But our little one has already started to insert its own 2 cents into our plans. Unfortunately cruise ships have a pregnancy week cutoff that I would pass so we had to go back to the drawing board. Instead, we decided to try and unwind and go for some serious R&R with a weeklong caribbean vacation in Anguilla. To ease into the island life, we decided to do a quick 2-days warm-up in Miami. We decided to stay a little further north up the strip for a change at the Fontainebleau and found it to be a quick and perfect way to gear up for Anguilla.

1. This resort is massive. My photog skills would not do it justice so here's a photo from their site. 2. Even a basic deluxe room is a good size and I especially love the imacs that come with it (and free wifi). 3. Our first stop after landing at 8am - hitting up Yardbird for some chicken buscuits. 4. All that comfort food was a little much so I hit the treadmill for a 20 min walk and a Nike training club workout. 5. I negated the workout with poolside (virgin) pina coladas until ...6) the storm clouds started rolling in. 7) Got a little nap in before heading to Barceloneta. 8 & 9) A selfie 10) ending the night with a little pool at the Delano.