Trying out

 Its crazy how well those facebook ads get to you. This company called showed up on my newsfeed and was offering a free 3 month membership and 2 free meals to entice new signups for their meal delivery service. I liked the site design (clean, beautiful photography, simple user interface/experience) and the meals looked delicious and fairly easy (as in not time-consuming) to make, so I figured why not.  I chose two meals: Meatloaf with brussel sprouts and potatoes and Spicy Soy Poached Pollock with Vermicelli Noodles. Mr. P made the pollock and it came out amazing. Loved the flavors. Heres how he netted out:
 See! Just like the photo! I made the meatloaf the next day. I can't believe i didn't take the final picture (I was too eager to eat!) but surprisingly it came out looking surprisingly like the photo on the menu so I'm using that instead:
Here's me making the meatloaf dish: 
the ingredients. 
 after sauteing the onions, I mix everything into the beef mixture.
The brussels sprouts and tomatos turned out amazing.

The verdict? The recipes turned out great  but I think the price point is a little "high" considering I could order food delivery at almost the same cost with no labor. Other pros: the uniqueness of some of the menus, all the ingredients are right there for you, it's delivered ready-to-make, and the food was good! Cons? Very trivial like I still have to do tasks like chop up onions. In the end, I will remain a member and opt to try out new recipes I wouldn't have known to do otherwise.

If you want to try out, click on this link: for $30 off your first order.

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