Happy Born Day!

first birthday as a mom. no parties, no craziness, just quality time with my other half and mini-me.  all good. what i wanted as a gift though? long overdue haircut and hair color. I have greys!!  I got to go all fancypants at the Warren Tricomi Salon in the plaza hotel in midtown. fancy yes.  fancy results - yezzir.

On my actual bday (which was sunday) I went for a morning run with Winter then had brunch with my bestie and then hung out in the park with the kiddies.  chill.   Afterwards we picked up some cupcakes from sprinkles. Then Mr. P's friends came to hang out with him and one of them brought an ice cream cake! (aw) 

 The office usually does a nice showing of bday festivities but alas no one but my sis remembered (and this is why she is my sis lol)  so this was what was on my desk on monday morning. Thanks, M!