Winter and I check out the Bratz Relaunch

Bratz are back and it's good to be yourself; It’s good to be Bratz.

Last month I was lucky enough to attend a brunch with a few other NJ and NYC bloggers to learn about a super secret relaunch of Bratz dolls. I'm finally able to share the release as the Bratz line has hit the shelves and are now available just about everywhere! First off, that brunch...mmm mmm good at Hundred Acres in Soho.

On to the really good part though: the dolls! How fun are these girls?

As a former Barbie fan I remember getting new outfits to be a special treat for my dolls, but with the bratz dolls they come with a several outfits and soooo many accessories (because what girl doesn't have accessories?!) backpacks, cell phone, cellphone covers, jewelry, stickers, etc. I mean, I wanted to break open the box and tinker with all those accessories and outfits myself (haha). Bratz also come with a variety of themed playsets. From Study Abroad Series to Fierce Fitness, the opportunities for creative play are endless. My fav was the #snowkissed playset featuring a ski lodge complete with hot cocoa, snowboards, fireplace and bar stools.

The Bratz dolls encourage self-expression, individuality, confidence, and creativity while embodying the interests, passions, fashions, and personalities of the modern day girl. Here's a glance of the crew:

What I actually really love about the line is the ability to create a custom bratz doll where you can choose their features and outfits. This is exclusively available on (makes very cool gifts for your little one or their bffs!)

This was a prelim comp of the custom kit - not the actual! Click on the target link to build your own!
At the official Bratz launch at Toys r Us Times Square, I brought Winter with me and we got to hang out with Skyler Stecker who rocks out the theme song "Bratz what's up" to the bratz line. Winter danced everytime it came on (and it continually looped so you can imagine how often we all got treated to a Winter boogie) . We were treated to a breakfast spread and complimentary nail art and an autograph signing by Skyler (who I learned later was from my hometown of Tampa!). Winter and skyler were fist-bumping all morning which was cute and funny.

As far as the dolls go, Winter was intrigued by the size and the colorfulness of them but considering she's only a year and a half, I think it was just sensory overload coupled with the fact that she has the typical attention span of a toddler. How does one stay focused when there was a ginormous Ferris wheel constantly in one's view?!

The launch event culminated with a brief pep talk/intro about the vision and future of the line by Jasmin Larian, the designer and founder of the line (one of the dolls is modeled after her). Jasmin even took a selfie with Winter:
it was a fun event and will be interesting to see if my girls will gravitate to edgier independent spirit of the Bratz doll line. I won't be surprised if it ends up on a future christmas/birthday wishlists. I only wonder is who will they each choose? :)

Bratz products are available at Target, Walmart, Toys“R”Us nationwide and will soon be found at Kmart, Amazon and all other major retailers. For more information on Bratz, please visit,, or

Disclosure:I was given a gift card in June for attending the prelaunch brunch but as always, opinions are 100% my own. Thank you to Bratz and everyone involved in inviting my daughter and I to these events.

Rocksbox Review

I heard about this cool site called via a facebook listing and the idea behind it intrigued me.  First you fill out a questionaire online describing your personal style. Then you're assigned a stylist who picks out and sends 3 jewelry accessories.  You get to rock the accessories for as long as you want and as many times as you want. And when you're over it, you pack it back in the box with the enclosed postage and they'll send you 3 new things!  No commitment and I get to try and wear pieces to my heart's content.   And if you do fall in love with something then you just keep it and you're billed for that item —but at a reduced member's price! Here's what I got on my first shipment. I've had several shipments already and I feel like the stylists really listen to my feedback. Check out rocksbox here!

I'm a sucker for bows and boxes - love the packaging!
How lovely is this bracelet? I almost kept it!  I also got the pendant necklace. Simple and understated.
 The outfit i rocked it with
Dress: Club Monaco, Sweater: J Crew, Flats: C Wonder.
 Another look at the bracelet and necklace.

Pucker up! Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

Sorry girl, no lipstick for you just yet!
I recently joined influenster, a social media & marketing crossover platform that allows users to post reviews and fill out surveys which qualifies them to occasionally receive free products for review. Well, today in the mail I got a #voxbox package to test out a new lipstick by Rimmel called MoistureRenew.  Now I'm not a huge makeup fanatic but I do wear it on a daily basis - my routine takes about 5-10 minutes.  My must-have items has always been a black eyeliner (sephora liquid) and eyeshadow (urban decay fan) and blush (Nars). Lipstick, on the other hand, is an item I'll wear on occasion. I'm always stumped on what shades will look natural yet give me some life.  I've been known to experiment with color:
Ha, by color I mean, just regular bright red. Personally, it takes a bit of guts to wear a loud fire engine red but if you rock it like you mean it, it can work well.  So back to Rimmel, I got this in the mail:

Can't complain with the packaging. I love purple. The color itself, 360 As you want Victoria, was way too bright for my taste but ooooh, I love the feel and texture of this lipstick. Thanks to three super moisturizers and vitamins A, C, and E,  it glides on super smooth and the pigment was rich and semi glossy. I am a fan of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and applying this on reminded me of that. high five.

Super pink, right? I feel like I can take this into a night out or days when I want to bring it. Either way, I think I can even tone it down with a darker lip liner pencil. I'll make it work because it's keeper in the makeup bag.

What do you think? yay or nay?

Disclosure: Though the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick featured in this post was provided for review purposes by Influenster, all opinions expressed are my own.