Rocksbox Review

I heard about this cool site called via a facebook listing and the idea behind it intrigued me.  First you fill out a questionaire online describing your personal style. Then you're assigned a stylist who picks out and sends 3 jewelry accessories.  You get to rock the accessories for as long as you want and as many times as you want. And when you're over it, you pack it back in the box with the enclosed postage and they'll send you 3 new things!  No commitment and I get to try and wear pieces to my heart's content.   And if you do fall in love with something then you just keep it and you're billed for that item —but at a reduced member's price! Here's what I got on my first shipment. I've had several shipments already and I feel like the stylists really listen to my feedback. Check out rocksbox here!

I'm a sucker for bows and boxes - love the packaging!
How lovely is this bracelet? I almost kept it!  I also got the pendant necklace. Simple and understated.
 The outfit i rocked it with
Dress: Club Monaco, Sweater: J Crew, Flats: C Wonder.
 Another look at the bracelet and necklace.

Pantone crazy...

Tattone Tat from Tattly (say that 3x fast)

Stumbled across these temporary tattoos from via DesignSponge.  I would rock almost all of the designs listed but I'm totally feelin the Tattone.  I think I like everything that's related to Pantone.   I'm such a geek.

I want this.

I own one of these.

Really? ha.. cool!

I did not see this at Sephora. Hello!

Posh Puzzle books

As I was wandering around Staples the other day I stumbled upon this little display of pocket books and look how cute these are! Even though I'm an iphone app addict, I almost picked up a few of these. But how perfect would they be if given to a fellow commuter friend (those long train rides) or frequent traveler (hi consultants! and jetsetters)? The covers are beautiful, colorful, with flocking and textured surfaces. There's tons of cool designs to choose from. I saw these in Staples and also in the Container Store so I bet they're probably easy to find in bookstores as well or head to where you can get one of those 3 for $25 deals.