Taking Stock: Jan 2015

Making : Family videos - 2 down (cruise video and winter's year recap) and 1 more to go.
Cooking : lots of breakfasts...but getting ready for the sunday cookoff for the week ahead
Drinking : orange peach mango juice (my new obsession)
Reading: the internet - on everything
Wanting: more vacation days
Looking: bigger.
Playing: a game of cat and mouse with winter
Wasting: nothing
Sewing: nothing!
Wishing: for more vacation days lol.
Enjoying: the brief snowfall we had this morning
Waiting: for the huge markdowns to happen in all my fav stores
Liking: laying in bed for as long as possible
Wondering: what this year will be like
Loving: laying in bed with him and winter watching cartoons or sportscenter in the morning
Hoping: for a healthy year ahead for all of us
Marveling: at how things have changed
Needing: more vacation days
Smelling: carven (should buy this)
Wearing: leggings. leggings. leggings.
Following: my heart
Noticing: how much Winter develops each day
Knowing: there's so much to look forward to
Thinking: about how life will always change
Feeling: optimistic and nervous 
Bookmarking: (more like pinning!) every thing that is cute (clothes, blogs, party ideas, etc)
Opening: emails
Giggling: at all the funny stuff Winter does on the daily (even when she's arguing with me)