revisiting the Scenic long run

I've been missing my weekly sunday morning long runs so today I made a point to go. I loaded up my iphone with a jamming playlist and hit the streets around 8am. I aimed for 6 miles but had enough gas in the tank to bang out 7.75 (surprised even myself!). It was such a nice morning and you gotta love the city when it's still waking up.
by the wall street pier-views of brooklyn

beautiful flower show I passed in south street seaport. I remember this place used to be a spanish restaurant before hurricane sandy. I look her up and found her gorgeous work here

cut back west from the seaport to make my way across the brooklyn bridge
 cadman plaza park. it's a small park but i love the trees here and the running path/track
off to the brooklyn heights promenade for never-gets-old views of manhattan skyline
down by brooklyn bridge park/ferry - gotta head back across that bridge

back in one piece!