We run the North Face GOGI 10k

We finished!!! Unofficial time 1:13

So happy to share this moment with CV - after 8 weeks of training, she completed her first 10K with an amazing time of 1:10:29. I would totally run this race again for the views and for the multiple terrains. It was such a chill "race" with a really cool vibe even despite the oncoming heat we were supposed to have that day (high 90s).  After the race, we visited the Graphic Design exhibition sponsored by Cooper Union.  Good times and good runs with good friends. Nice!

Highlights of our 10k

This is the chillest pre-race vibe I've ever experienced lol. #gogi10k

I have a race cheerleader today! Me and my daddy on the governor island ferry
Love having my dad in town to cheer me on!