Race Report: NYPD Memorial Run 5k

I signed up for this 5k to run alongside my brother who is with the NYPD not knowing I was going to be running a half marathon a day before. So I ALMOST skipped this but whatever, I told my brother I was gonna run it and it was in my neighborhood so I said why not? if its really bad I can walk it. 

Well to my surprise my brother overslept and missed this race (smh). I was already awake and ready to go so I said to myself let's just do this. Another good idea because I think it prevented my legs from super tightening up. the race shirt was an xl so i was stuck wearing my BK half shirt (which I could proudly wear!)

I recommend this race if you want a no-pressure, timed 5k in lower manhattan. The only con is I think the timer runs off the gun clock - not when you first crossed the start line. I ended up running a 33:04

btw: my phone died AGAIN.