My morning runs are videolicious

As if I didn't have any more on my plate, one of my goals for the year was to get back into running. There are obviously physical benefits of this type of cardiovascular exercise but I actually like running more for clearing my head and getting some me time.  I think I spend up to 12+ hours a day on the computer (both work & home).  Granted I do teach classes here and there but my mind is totally focused on the class or on the choreography so it's not exactly conducive to "zoning out."   So I like running for that purpose. I am outside and I can think about what's on tap for the day, how to solve a creative problem, look at the pretty scenery or cute dogs, let go of drama (if there is any), what to wear today, the list goes on and on and on...

The problem is that sometimes I'm good about just getting up in the morning and running. As I get older, however, that spring in my step at 7am is sometimes stuck... in bed...snoozing and dreaming away.  SO being the totally goal oriented person that I am—that's just how I roll—I signed up for a half marathon.  Again.  This one however is creeping up on me - giving me about 6 weeks to prep.  The nice thing about the half though is that it is in St. Petersburg, Florida.. (hello Tampa!) so I'm looking forward to the mini-winter break in my hometown.  I've clearly turned into a snowbird.  yep that's me.

If you want to get the run recaps, I've been video-blogging my training.  I've discovered a super duper cool app called Videolicious that edits your photos and videos into a neat little movie in about 3 easy steps.  Of course, there's more I wish it  could do but then again - I like the simplicity of being able to push out an edited video (with music!) in a matter of minutes FROM my iphone. So if you have an iphone, I highly recommend it. And the best part?  It's FREE so download it asap before it gets too popular and they decide to slap a price on it!

Here's a sample running recap video I did.