Run recap: 8 mile snow run

NYC finally got it's first snowfall of winter and of course, that's the day I decide to do my long run. I thought i'd be the only crazy outside running but no, oh no, I was not. I counted 6 people running outside in the snow so there! Anyhow, it was a bit of a challenge because I had to a) watch where I was steppin (for ice, puddles, etc) b) put a little extra oompfh in my step because I felt like I wasn't going anywhere (like running in sand) c) I had continually wipe my glasses (contacts would have been a good idea). I got it done though... Onto next week.. I need to get a 10 mile in. I'm a little off schedule but I feel like if I can get at least a 10 mile run in before the race I shall be fine to finish.