Gamers can work out too! Dancing on the xbox kinect

Sef here: I mean who says fitness can't be fun. Play Dance central after 30 minutes and let me know how you're feeling :) What a great party game too. I had an xbox dance battle showdown this past friday and it was ridiculously fun. From Poker face to Sean Paul's Temperature to Bust a move we all took turns at battling each other to see who could score the most points. We had to crack the windows from sweating so much lol. We ended the night with a couples boxing showdown on kinect sports that had us crying from laughter. Watching the wives box against their husbands was crazy funny - no surprise that the wives beat the husbands (no pun intended) 3-1.

That's me at the party attempting the hard level on Janet Jackson's control. sadness.. lol.

And me doing Poison when I first got the game and wingin it on the hard level. How this has managed to already get 6,000 hits on youtube just blows my mind lol.