S&S Express Day 37: Konichiwa B*!#%&s!

After a busy saturday of work, an awesome concert with Robyn, and a girls night through the meatpacking district, we still manage to get up for a superbowl morning run/skate. ; Our initial plans to run a race were nixed due to work schedule so we get up EVEN EARLIER to run our own personal "race" in 20 degree temps and ice-filled paths.
Sorry for our lack of updating - we missed you guys too! Sariah jetted down to Miami for a few days and Sefa fell ill and forced herself to stay in bed and rest (and if you know sef - you know being immobile is HARD for her to do!) we'll be back soon though!
here are a few pics from our weekend:
At the Robyn concert
At the Robyn concert
Lights and action
Radio City Music Hall is pretty amazing
Post-show heading to meatpacking district!