S&S Cardio Express - Day 3

It was a little warmer today compared to yesterday so the S&S Squad headed outside for a session of cardio express. By warm we mean 30 degrees with minimal wind :)

Here's the line-up of exercises:

Warmup: 10 min jog
stretch/warmup: 10 squat switches, 8 jumping jack (reg, t-up, crisscross), 10 run each of regular, knee up, and kick backs. If you're doing this workout inside, repeat this set 3 times with about a 30 sec break in between if needed.

1st set: towel hops (20), mountain climbers (20), sprint out
Repeat that set 3 times

2nd set: drop squats (10), 4 direction lunge kicks (3 each side), "prison cell" pushups - (one of our fav combo p90x exercises) do 8 of these
Repeat set 3 times - if outside, sprint about 50m in between sets.

3rd set: Tires (20), side shuffles (15 each left and right side), Dreya roll (4-8)
Repeat set 3 times

The hundred Ab workout (courtesy of olivia)
10 each of the following positons on the left and ride leg
knee to elbow
leg up touch toes
leg pull knee in
leg straight
lay flat

Finish: 10 min jog and cool down

There ya go. We'll be posting the week schedule as we go along. We're still gearing up for our giveaway but in the meantime - get our updates and workouts by following our blog (you can click the link on the right).

Til next time,