Day 4:Take that in your breakfast and Eat it!!

Today was legs and back but we put the S&S touch to our workout and added a 2 mile run beforehand. OUTSIDE. in the cold. before the sun came out. WEERRKK.

After we we where nice and warm we came inside and did the P90x legs and back workout. We were super quick considering we pretty much knew all the exercises so we didn't have to watch the video (it's a lot of talking!). We replaced all the chin-up/pull-ups with back exercises on the machines in the gym. lat pull downs, rows, and reverse back lift thing (it's like doing a crunch but in reverse) We finished everything up with ab ripper x. We found it inspiring that our gym-mates in the studio were also P90x grads so they are always happy to give that all-acknowledging nod that says "good job bringing it - keep it up" or will share a "Ahhh I remember that exercise!" One guy was even doing the ab ripper x!

So.. there's day 4. we still need to take our measurements and photos before we get too deep into this so we will try to do it tonight.

If you're joining us, here was our workout:

Outdoor 2 mile run in 20 minutes

Balanced Lunges
Calf Raise Squats
lat pull down

Super Skaters
Wall Squat

Step Back Lunges
Alternating Side Lunges
reverse crunch

Single Leg Wall Squat
Dead Lift Squats
lat pull down

Groucho Walk
Calf Raises
Sneaky Lunge
80-20 Seibers Speed Squat
reverse crunch
Elevated knee ups