Nike Training Workout: Pioneer

Today was a rest/stretch day on the P90 schedule but S&S just had to step it up a little and try a new workout by nike called the Nike Training Club. It's a super duper app you can find on the itunes store that has these guided workouts complete with audio and video tutorials set to your own playlists. We decided to give it a shot and randomly picked the "Pioneer" workout. We really liked the change of pace and the fact that we could put our own tunes on the playlist. WE also commented how funny it was to not hear Tony's corny jokes today - ha. Anyhow, we are definitely going to test a few of the other workouts. The only criticism we have of the workouts is that they should offer alternatives in case you don't have equipment...we'll just say with the exception of the jumprope you really don't need the equipment but it's nice to have a little resistance if it's available. Give it a shot!