Urbanschlepper bike scavenger hunt: amazing race style

UrbanSchleppers Bike Hunt: The top 3 finishers

To say this past weekend was jam-packed is a complete understatement. It was ridiculous, really... And I can't even decide whether saturday or sunday took the cake as the best time because both days were equally amazing and let's recap:

I've never done anything like this before but it sounded really fun, entry fee was only $35, and just about all of it went to a charity! It's a win-win situation! I could go on and on about this day but I'll do the short version: You're sent on a 3-hour scavenger hunt on your bike around ALL of manhattan to photograph or collect things of different point values. Team with the most points wins. Using Subways & buses were ok, cabs and private transportation were a no-no. Tasks range from finding an NYC subway token to taking a picture in a kayak on the water. Mr. P and I (aka The Silent Blazers) teamed up with the Mirees (aka IVY Champs) and man, did we bike ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hunt highlights:
• Spotting a female cab driver (10pts) but the boys had the cameras and were in a hospital looking for physician business cards (2pts each)
• Taking jersey photos in a footlocker dressing room (3pts)
• Talking our way into cutting the long ass line for our kayaking photo (7pts)
• Bumrushing onto the 2 train in Times Square on a saturday afternoon with 4 bikes
• Not dying on 5th ave, 7th ave, houston st, 14th st (lol)
• Mr. P sweet talking his way into letting a bikini clad girl take her photo (4pts)
• Arguing with middle eastern souvenir shop dude to take I love NY shirt photo (2pt?)Finding our 2nd female cab driver in soho and Kiana running down to catch her lol
• Randomly stopping to take a photo of clocks and food trucks

Needless to say we missed a bunch of stuff and didn't think we'd place considering it was our first time doing this but surprise - Mr. P and I came in 1st and the Mirees came in 2nd!!!!! woo woo! It would have been a tie except one item was to take a photo by a sign that bears your first or last name and Mr. P got that one! We split the prizes though since it was a team effort and were already down to do it again next year!

Afterwards, I tracked our distance and found that we biked a total of about 20 miles that day. I personally did 24 miles since I had to detour and teach a class in union sq right after the race so that little round trip was 4 miles long. (sheesh!) After a brief nap and showers, we headed out to Chelsea piers for more competitive action where we did some cosmic bowling/dancing. Had a very funny episode with the waitress who gave us attitude and after a brief talking-to from Prince, she did a 180 and was suddenly our BFF (haha). And from Chelsea Piers was a few hours of dancing at Mr. West. Good times

Despite the late night. Sunday was an early day since Mr. P had to clean and I had to run errands at whole foods and target for our BBQ. We had a little mini-reunion with west coast friends and long-time-no-see harvard peeps that was filled with some amazing food (the ladies did it up with our strawberry vanilla glaze ice cream shortcakes) and roofdeck chilling on a perfect summer day. Good times all around. Nice to be blessed with such great company :-)

Photo highlights (out of order):

About to start

Laying out some kind of strategy
Take a picture with the Naked Cowboy

Take a photo of a food truck (not cart!) Mr. Softee!

Take a photo of someone (not your teammate) wearing a sports jersey - the higher the number the higher the pt value.

Take a photo of a teammate in a kayak ON THE WATER.
Take a photo of a female taxi cab driver.

Take a photo of a teammate sitting in a lawn chair in times sq.
Take a photo sitting in the back of a pedicab

Take a photo of the Tom Otterness sculpture (we got 1 out 2 of these)

Take a photo next to a sign that bears your name

Take a photo next to a menu item that is exactly 320 calories

From our apt to the Bike hunt meetup through the beginning of the race up until we got on the 2,3 train in times sq. to go to 72nd st. (7.2 miles)
From 72nd st through the finish line and then back home (12.4 miles)