Retrorobics and Lobster Rolls - good weekend.

This weekend was pretty much a chill weekend save some mini workouts. On saturday, J and I headed to the pool to work on drills we learned in class. I was super tired and could barely make it down the lane a few times. We spent an hour and a half doing all our drills so it was definitely productive. It's our last week of class (sniff sniff) so we're working hard to get it in. After pooltime, we headed to the park with some yummy food from a latin cafe across the street. It was guuuuud and we laid out on the lawn while the boys played football and ping pong. Then it was back home to chill out and head off to cindy's bbq in Bk. It was nice and the food was good. Plus it was cool to see work peeps in a non-work setting. From there, it was back home to quickly change and head to Ft. Greene Crunch to party it up summer camp style for the Retrorobics pre-screening party for Wet Hot American Summer that was playing at BAM. IT was pretty hilarious jumping around with whistles and making up silly dances with balance balls and body bars. It can be done! I wanted to go to the screening but was toooo tired and headed home to sleep.

Virg, me, Marfa, and Cindy
Like sisters... Marfa and I
Vinny, me, and Marfa

Sunday I overslept and missed out on my scheduled long run but I got about 3 miles in coming back from my tri-training spinning session at the JCC. Then it was a rush rush to go get weighed in at WW (no change - boooo) then back home to meetup with J and Geoff and the mirees for our trip to the brooklyn flea for lobster rolls!!!! These are beyond yummalicious. seriously. TO avoid another 2 hr line waiting (never again) we arrived just as the BK flea opened and had no wait! yaaay. And then we ate. and ate. ate a lobster roll. had some People's Pops shaved ice (flavor: Organic Lemon with Thyme and Basil). lobster roll. People's Pops popsicle (sugar plum & tarragon). When we were nice and full it was back home to some laundry (fun). Then P and Geoff wanted to grill so it was impromptu grill night despite the monsoon (we lit it up after) to enjoy some burgers by yours truly, mac& cheese, and awesome shrimp by J.

nice weekend :)

Headed to the BK flea (under the bridge)
Strike a pose, J!

Watching the lobster roll magic happen

J enjoying the Sugar Plum & Tarragon People's Pops popsicle