Dance Your A** Off in Herald sq.

The Crunch crew: front row L to R: Brooke, Carol, Amanda, back row: Eddie, Rachel, Me, Asa, and Amy

Y'all, I'm really slacking on this updating but not to worry I will start to post fast and furiously as I start training for my *drum roll please* first Triathlon!!!! wooooo... I'm scared as $#@! lol because of a few things like a) I know how to swim (ok correction, if I happen to fall off a boat, I could float and tread water and swim underwater back to the boat) but I don't know how to swim - like in a swim race. yeah not so much; b) bike for 10+ miles? c) 2-a-day workouts??! d) back to swimming... like 10 laps or something? for real? I don't think I realize what I'm getting into but at the same time i'm really excited to learn! I'm taking up an intensive swim class right after the holiday then the following week Tri-training starts. why do i have a feeling July will be spent in numerous ice

In the meantime I've been light with the running - going about 2x a week and taking or teaching A speed demons class when I can. And I've been hanging out... here's my girl Marfa and I at the Shecky's night out event last week at the at the Puck building...

Shaved ice at the Brooklyn flea - by People's Pops - lemon& mint and lemon& ginger were bomb!

leaving the Brooklyn flea market and heading home across the Brooklyn Bridge

Crunch is launching their series of Dance Your Ass Off classes which is in partnership with the show on the Oxygen Network. It's like a cross between So you think you can dance and The Biggest Loser. We've done several promo events, the last one taking place in Herald Square with various media outlets in attendance. Our crew is fun (as always!) and here, you'll see us led by crunch pro Carol Johnson in the hip hop routine. I'm in the blue shirt - or I guess it's pretty easy to point out the only minority on stage lol.

I love old school moves :)

My girl Rachel - my go-to girl who subs for me and teaches Cardio Groove on tues nights at 90 John St (for all you financial district peeps)

Well, i'm off - so glad the work week is short! How are you celebrating your fourth? I'm heading down to TPA to chill out with my dad. Mr. P and I might hit up adventure island or wet'n wild. I'm feenin for a waterpark/swimming pool these days - i'm so excited :) yippee.