Taking stock: February

Making :  lists
Cooking : lots of lunches and dinners...
Drinking : orange peach mango juice (my new obsession)
Reading: the internet - on everything
Wanting: more beach days
Looking: bigger.
Playing: 2048 on my iphone
Wasting: nothing
Sewing: nothing!
Wishing: for more sleep
Enjoying: all the entertainment Winter provides
Waiting: for baby #2 :)
Liking: laying in bed for as long as possible
Wondering: how i'm going to juggle a newborn and a toddler
Loving: when she runs to me with a ginormous smile and outstretched arms
Hoping: for a healthy year ahead for all of us
Marveling: how time is flying
Needing: more vacation days
Smelling: carven (should buy this)
Wearing: leggings. leggings. leggings.
Following: my heart
Noticing: how quickly I listen to my heart
Knowing: stress-free means me and baby wins
Thinking: about how life will always change
Feeling: optimistic and nervous 
Bookmarking: lunch ideas for toddlers
Opening: a new tshirt store called Winter and Frankie
Giggling: at all the funny stuff Winter does on the daily (even when she's arguing with me)