School Projects already?!

She's not even one yet and I've already been tasked with two school projects at her daycare. One of the best parts of being a designer (as well as an artist) is that as much as I'd love to go to bed at 10pm and then realize I have not done said school project; I still actually look forward to creating them (and it takes me less time to design something in Indesign then it does to cut and paste photos scrapbook-style). I can imagine this may not be fair for other busy moms but believe me, when that future school bake sale/potluck event comes up I will be scratching my head staring at a bag of flour. Anyhow we were given a blank piece of construction paper and asked to decorate it with what Winter is thankful for. Um, everything? lol she's only cranky when she's hungry or sleepy. Everything is else is just a whole new world, so how do i list everything? This is what I came up with:
IT was fun to make because I got to look back at photos of her this year and realize it was so full of experiences.  Such a joy that I obviously anticipated but just had no clue how amazing it was going to be. We're totally thankful for you, Winter.