Winter's 1st Birthday Pajama Jammy Jam

For her first bday, we knew she wouldn't really know what was going on (nor would she probably remember it) so this was a party for everyone—Winter's older kid friends and of course, us parents! So when I found out about Baby Loves Disco and that they were throwing an event just days before Winter's bday - it was a done deal about what Winter's party theme was going to be: an all-out day party.  Because of all the offerings both via entertainment and snacks given to guests, there's little I had to do in terms of decorations and food. We had a cake ordered, I bought a tray of lumpia and pancit, and a few pizza pies and called it a day. All in all I think ALL our guests both young and old had a blast and Winter, well, she managed to stay up to see her cake and bottle sparklers go off so I think she was in happyland too. See all the photos here.