Winter's TV Debut

When winter got the chance to play an extra on a cable television show, we jumped at the chance and flew to LA for filming. You never know if you'll ever get the opportunity to do this (no matter how old you are) so we went into this with an open mind and tried to have fun and keep it playful for her.  Her role was to be a fussy baby and at this age, she had NO problems playing the part (who is this strange lady holding me? Mommy?!?! Insert meltdown here). It stressed me out more that she was ruining the shot but everybody on set was so nice an accommodating that all just made the best of the situation and got the take down. I can't wait to see if she makes the final edit! Here's some pics we were able to take behind the scenes in the midst of the craziness:
Winter in costume about to shoot her scene

She got her own trailer!

Living it up with daddy
She's all smiles now... lol