Future freshman in the making

Another reason (besides being particularly busy) why it's been pretty quiet on this blog for a few months is because Mr P and I have been hush hush about our new arrival that's coming in December. We're having a baby! We slowly spread the news to friends (the fam was great about keeping it hush from the start) but as the months trickle on, I'm at the point where it's impossible not to physically notice (baby bump!)  I'm still a little hesitant to post on facebook/instagram but I'm sure it'll get posted on there in some shape or form. Maybe I'll just post this photo from the little e-blast that went out to our friends after I passed the first trimester mark:
Clearly, college plans have already been made for the little one (lol)...

It's still a bit surreal but it's all a blessing and I'm looking forward to another slash to add to the mix..slash meaning artist/dj/designer/dancer/etc.... that of /mom.  (eek! that even feels weird to type lol). I'm sure this blog will take a turn to mom & baby territory but that's totally fine. I keep this mostly for myself to look back on all the events and personal milestones that I've hit and it's good way for family and friends to keep up with me if they want.  So until next time!