Agency Basketball champs!

It's a week of basketball championships - my team takes the title too! It came down to the wire, but in NCAA-like cinderella fashion, my team came from being the bottom seed in the playoffs to take the title for the league. We had an overtime win with only 5 players (so no subs), and a two clutch baskets in the last minute of the game. It was INSANE lol - I felt like it was the NBA finals albeit would only 5 fans in the stands and no life size trophy. It felt good though and i'm proud of team NeON! Who hit the two free throws to ice the game for the win? I did! Championships next week! This was me in the game before the championships - hitting two free throws to put us up by 5 and essentially locking in the win in the upset against the #1 seeded team. Ice cold!