the big day!


So I've been pretty hush on the wedding speak here on the blog but today is the big day so why not put out on (happy) blast :) I'm sitting here prepping, getting my hair done, makeup is next, dress ready and hanging, shoes ready, flowers ready, playlists sent to dj, seating chart done, programs done, favors painted and tagged, done, done, and done.

Considering how i'm a procastinator, I'm surprised that I was able to wrangle most things complete before the day, leaving today surprisingly chill. Everyone asks if i'm nervous but I feel like it won't hit me til I put the dress on, or when I start to walk down that aisle. everyone says it'll go by in a whiz. i'm fairly certain of that - it's like a show. you prep for a long time then it's showtime and its over in the blink of an eye. well i'm counting on photog and everyone on their camera phones to help me cherish this entire day and weekend.

This resort is ah. may. zing. From my arrival to my most absurd requests (do you have a cutting board, blade, and double sided tape?) they have catered to every whim and wish and gone above and beyond. oh did i tell you i'm in mexico? :) yes in the riviera maya at the rosewood mayakoba. I have a 1000+sq ft suite overlooking a wildlife preserve complete with sundeck and private plunge pool. My living room consists of 2 glass walls that slide open - clearly bringing the outside in. it's lovely and everyday i'm just so happy i chose to do a small destination wedding. I've been half finishing up little details and half chilling and relaxing. perfect balance.

and today..even though i have a tinge of sadness that my mom is not here.. dad is. Still, i'm happy, relaxed, and blessed that i'll be with my prince from this day forward :)