Hood Luv: Trinity

Technically this is BPC but i'm lumping it into my hood anyway cuz it's so close

I get a few questioning looks when I tell people I live downtown in the financial district. I see it in their faces: WHY??? And I just nod my head and repeat how much I love it down here and let them go ahead thinking i'm crazy. But Mr. P and I have been going on two years it's crazy to see how much this area has grown even in the short time that we've been here. nevermind the fact that we watched a building go up from scratch (W hotel) a whole highway and pedestrian pathway redeveloped into fields and bball courts (St. Thomas park?) and our own block slowly revamping into a "neighborhood" complete with outdoor restaurant, nail salon (albeit expensive as heck), and dunkin donuts (hot chocolate!). i love my nutella banana crepes on stone street (crepes du nord) or skip over to tribeca for dinner (recent crave: La industria argentina), movie theater is a 10 minute walk away (add ice skating rink to that during winter time), ed's lobster shack & outdoor movies during tribeca film festival and outdoor shows and events at the world financial center (add shake shack to that list in the near future!), laying on the lawn in battery park post swimming workouts, reading magazines, and now we'll be getting a lounge hotspot when the W downtown opens in a few months. But whatever, it's fine ... think what you want to think - i secretly want you too so i can enjoy my parks and water views and my somewhat affordable rent without it getting overcrowded and turning into an IT neighborhood. hmpff.. by the way I was told my area was called Trinity back in the day and i'm totally digging that name. the area between the financial district (i consider broadway the border) and battery park (west side highway the border) and south of the WTC site...right by Trinity Church- close to every train. yes every train...

Anyhow: cool to know we're getting a farmers market at the WFC thursdays so i'll be sure to check on it during my morning run

Bed-Stuy, World Financial Center Get Farmers’ Markets

Location: South End Ave at Liberty Street, inside cul-de-sac.
Schedule: Thursdays 8AM-5PM, July 1 - December 23. 2010 Scheduled changes: 9/9 closed for memorial, 11/25 closed for holiday.


Migliorelli Farm - Vegetables and orchard fruit from Dutchess County, New York
Meredith's Bakery - Baked goods from Ulster County, New York
Red Jacket Orchard - Apples, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, berries from Ontario County, New York
Binder Farm - Plants and flowers from Suffolk County, New York
Beth’s Family Farm - Jams, preserves, chutneys & pickled vegetables from Columbia County, New York.
NY Wine & Grape Association - NY State wine
Holton Farms - Organic vegetables, maple syrup, honey, eggs, beef, turkey, pork, chicken and lamb from Vermont
MK Orchids - Orchids and hydrangeas from Orange County, New York
Valley Shepherd - Sheep, cow and goat's milk cheese, pasta, butter, yogurt and gelato from Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Lavender by the Bay - Lavender plants, cut & sachets, honey from Suffolk County, New York