Happy Easter!

Happy first Easter, Winter! Thanks to your Auntie Marfa, you stepped up your fashion game for church service today. Not only were you amazing during the service, but it warmed my heart when you smiled at the minister after he gave you a blessing at communion.

 After church, we did a quick outfit change for strolling through the city.    Love finding this empty alleyway in tribeca to stage an impromptu photoshoot! There were some passerby's who gave us thumbs up signs which was funny.  Thank you for giving us a bunch of smiles. I wish i could put the whole contact sheet up here!

It was a chilly spring day but the sun was happily shining so we took you to the highline for some sunning and nibbling on taco truck tacos and delancey bbq brisket sandwich topped off with a red velvet melt ice cream sandwich and mint chico chip gelato.