Laying low from Hurricane Isaac

I was home this past weekend and not only did I get to see my baby, Dallas but I also got to see and reflect on past artwork. It made me remember what it was like younger, wanting to have that big show - so I thought i'd share a little of that with a quickie video for my kickstarter project. I've got 6 days left and i'm almost to goal!!!

anyhow here's some pics of the weekend and the video at the end - it's like a mini-tour through my house.
Wheels down. I travel light- Hello tampa!
Landing at 12:30am in TPA:
She still misses us... Awww ... My (chunky) baby Dallas
Nice! she still remembers us! :)
I can't visit home without hitting up a real mall!  Rockin the surfacexair slipons and my #pandasal MJ tank! #busog #busogmeansfull #instapic #instafashion  #whatiwore #outfitoftheday
Mall shopping in my MJ tank
Hello saturday night.
A Margarona at Lime Cafe in TPA - before the partying!
Mini road trip to petsmart
Dallas is clearly not thrilled about having to go to the vet
Waiting for #hurricane #Isaac #tampa #dog #chihuahua
On watch for Hurricane Isaac
And the video for my kickstarter project (check out the project at