E's highlights of The Best of 2011

As I move into 2012 with a bit of anticipation and excitement, I just had to share a few highlights of 2011.  It was no doubt, a year filled with firsts —both good and not so great—but I reflect back at the lowlights as learning experiences. I learn more and more about the way I can work productively, things I shouldn't take for granted, relationships to cultivate, and how to continually tweak the equation of balancing all the things I love to do. Thanks to everyone, friends, colleagues, family, and especially my other half, Mr. P, who join or support me through ALLLLL my endeavors.  I deeply appreciate your time and energy.  Now onto the good somewhat chronological order...

I've learned that "losing weight" never makes for a good resolution. But what about "audition for a NFL cheerleading squad?"  Since that consists of donning a 2-piece in front of a panel of judges and cameras, you better believe I started to put in some blood, sweat, and tears in to at least be competitively in the runnings. I didn't make the team but I did get a better looking body. And losing the lbs was just icing on the cake ;-) 
I learn best by being thrown in the fire so what better way to get those DJ skills up but by booking a few gigs? Speaking of gigs, even when I was sidelined for a few weeks with a surgery (boo), I literally still tried to do it all:  shoot and edit my music video with my bff Lisa,  teach a gajillion classes (shoutout to CPV!), model, and perform at NY Fashion Week.  Coolest gig? Making my reality show debut on VH1 on LaLa's Full Court Life representing Mr. P's firm as we helped Carmelo and Lala Anthony find a NY home after 'Melo got traded to the Knicks.  I was on 3 episodes! 
I can't think of a better way to close out a year than with some ME/US time...So Mr. P and I took almost a month to travel to a few countries around Europe.  It was unbelieveably amazing and fun. I've been recapping it here on da 8-count so check back often!
And now it's onto 2012...Let's get it.