S&S, Where have y'all been???!

Seriously folks, it's a little insane.  Sariah is jetsetting all over the country while I'm stuck here manning the fort...the life of a popstar right?  But have no fear - I'm still working out just been slacking on the video front. Well actually, not even the video front the POSTING front.  I've been running tight on time so I dont get the chance to upload the vids to our channel.  Also,  it's really not that entertaining - it's not like I can show you exercises while holding the camera lol.  But this weekend I did tape a little post workout minute after finishing my Nike Training Club workout. I can't recommend these workouts enough - it's a great way to get a jam-packed full body workout in 30 minutes. There's 45 min options as well.   Tuesday, I did "shakedown" and lemme tell you - I looked like a madwoman since the exercises only go for 30 sec or 1 minute and it's literally up and down up and down.  Go from toe touches with a medicine ball into a squat press then back into plank rows or burpee to shoulder press every minute.  OMG. I was exhausted! but no pain no gain right?

I'm still sore.


The winner is.....