Back it up back it up let's begin...

Whoa welcome back everyone. Can't believe how crazy February has been with all our traveling. It's been super hard trying to coordinate our morning workouts together - we fit them in when we can get them in.  Example yesterday: one of us was traveling back from New orleans (sef) so Sariah did an outdoor run...later that night Sef taught two dance classes back to back.  Sometimes we just have to own up to making sure we personally stay on track. We could have easily just given ourselves ANOTHER day off.

This morning we woke up and did our back and biceps workout on P90x.   As far as fitting in the P90x into our schedules as it is - as long as we get a workout in (whether its the scheduled P90x or a NTC substitute)  we just pick up where we left off.  It's all about being flexible when you have to be - just as long as we get it in.

Sariah will be heading off to LA for the second half of this week so we hope to have some guest posts from her on the road (She's bringing dvds!) and Sef will be holding down the fort with a few running posts as she starts to gear up for 1/2 marathon training.

Anyhow - we missed you guys!

P.S. anyone tried TurboFire?  we're thinking of doing that next after P90x. let us know your experience with it!

PPS: note to sef: do not put thumb over mic - sorry for the muffled voices in the beginning!