Day trip: Figment NYC at Governor's Island

When the M family asked us if we wanted to go to Figment at Governor's Island I immediately said yes. It seemed like a fun activity and we could picnic out on the lawn to watch the festivities and soak up the summer sun. The great thing about it was the ferry to the island is short (10-15 min) and free in the early morning (and its right by our apt!) All in all it was a great day and totally recommend for kids who are active. We got it all in a video!

 it was definitely sunny.
 we found a place to picnic. I brought cheeses and crackers and fruit and sandwiches. fun!
 there was a free costume tent - who knew you would be too big for the baby costume! the crown kinda fits though :)

 your big bro, carter looooves you!
 you had antisocial moments lol

Governor's island is cool and's one of the 2 food truck spots.
The newest section has a playground and bike paths.
Here we are running for the ferry back to the city!