Happy Cinco de Winter Boozy Brunch

With Mr. P out of town, it was an all-girls weekend with just me and my baby.  When my friend Nicole suggested going out to brunch, I thought, why not host one? I love parties so I went into party mode thinking of a theme. Randomly, cinco de Mayo was coming up and coincidentally, Winter had just turned 5 months so I thought let's mash it up and do a Happy Cinco de Winter brunch party! I kept the invite list small to keep it intimate but I did invite a few mom friends so that we can have a sprinkling of babies. who doesn't love babies?
#1 rule for a really easy brunch menu? Don't make it yourself. HA! I had been eyeing this site called which is like a seamless for catering companies. You browse through menus and you can select based on the price you want to pay per person. I came across Vicki's Soulfully Good menus and my mouth was watering (and the price was right).  I did have a hankering for pancakes so I asked if I could substitute one of her menu items for pancakes but she was a star and just added it to make it a custom menu just for my event. PERFECT!
Winter watching us set up. Vicki brought everything about 30 minutes before the party. Platters, heat cans, serving utensils, even paper plates (thought I didnt need them) and forks/knives etc were provided. IT took her all of 10 minutes to set up and presto! Food was piping hot and ready for guests.
Winter changed into her party outfit (I loooooove that she can sit up now!)
I ran to trader joes early that morning to grab a bunch of flowers. I spent about $40 on a mixture of bouquets that included tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and ranunculus. I grabbed every empty vessel and filled it with flowers. I had enough arrangements to make a centerpiece (including a bowl of just lemons and limes for some color) on the dining room table as well as on our "bar" table, and sprinkled throughout the apartment in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. 
Winter's friend, Mia, and her mom Shema.
Blast from the past! isa dancer, Jaime, nibbling on egg sandwiches and pancakes. She brought a homemade buttermilk pie that was AHMAZING.
Nigel held it down for the boys.
Marfa and Shelley toast it up. Did I mention this was a boozy brunch? was that kind of party!

Throwing up the isa sign - isa means "one" in tagalog. We spent the end of the party watching and reminiscing over old isa dance performances. It was good times.
The girls having girltalk cute.