Behind the scenes: Winter's first modeling gig

When Winter was 3 months, I emailed a few agencies to try to get her into baby modeling. I'm sure it's a competitive industry (what mom doesn't think their baby is the cutest??!) but I said why not. The worst that could happen is that they say "no." Fortunately,  by chance, one agency immediately responded to my email and asked if Winter was available for a babies r us shoot the following day. Um...Yes!  So here's our experience of Winter's first (and hopefully not last!) photoshoot:
The shoot was across the river in Jersey so we ubered over since I didn't want to deal with directions and parking. It was pricey but the best idea ever because it was a hard to get to AND there was no street parking
Winter fell asleep on the way there which was perfect. She's at her best after waking up from a nap.  We were in a holding room which housed wardrobe and a changing table (and unlimited supply of diapers and changing accessories) I got to indulge in freshly baked madelines and a cup of tea while also chatting with another mom (also a model) and her son (also napping and 3 months). We talked about what I found most new moms talk about which was the delivery day lol.
The baby handler suggested that we let Winter sleep up until she had to go shoot so she slept. Soon after, I had to wake her up to get her into wardrobe, which as you can see was this minty green long-sleeved onesie. It was too long for her so she rolled up the sleeves. Hair and makeup artist came and admired your hair and just combed it out to look even fuller. 
Then we trekked across to the street to the actual set which look like a beautifully lit living room. It was here I found out Winter would be modeling a baby swing. I handed her off to the baby handler who positioned her on the swing. Hair and Makeup combed out her hair again (hey, she's gotta earn that check!) and fixed Winter's onesie. Everything was moving quickly to keep her entertained. The baby handler made lots of silly faces and shook a bunch of rattles which was more than enough to get Winter laughing and to get the photographer snapping.  She smiled so much that it was literally 5-maybe 10 minutes long when the photog said he was good with the shots!  Already?! I tried to take more photos but my phone conveniently died (DARNIT!). Anyhow there was another baby model who modeled the same swing so I was still unsure whether or not she would be chosen for the ad. From experience of working a pediatric shoot, you always shoot options for kid shoots because you never know what the kid's mood will be that day so you hope one will be on point for the shoot.  I did gather from the art director that it would be for a May circular so after we left it was a waiting game until.....
I found out Winter made it!!!! And to top it off, she were even featured on the cover! 
Go Winter! Makes me want to go and buy a rose chandelier baby swing! :)