Running to a post-baby body

After having Winter, one of the things I looked forward to returning to was running. I planned to run to shed the baby weight and get a little me-time. I knew it wouldn't be easy and it'd feel like I was starting from scratch. I figured I'd be able to slowly get back to my running routine. If only it was that easy. First off, routine??  what? Though Winter sleeps through the night, her waking time varies within a 3 hour time range. Sometimes it's 6am, sometimes 7, and then you get the rare 5am or 8am.  It's hard to plan a run with that kind of schedule! My hours are just as erratic in the evening since working in advertising just doesn't lend itself to a daily 9-5 schedule (ever).  I thought about a lunchtime workout/run but who wants to go back to the office sweaty? Second,  I didn't anticipate how physically different it would feel.  I gained about 30lbs with my pregnancy and I feel each of those pounds weighing me down, jiggling around. I expected to run a slow pace so I wasn't concerned with speed but out-of-shapeness? yeah it feels way different.  I think the hardest thing to accept is knowing my peak performance limits and how everything used to feel, compared to now. It's like you can't wait to get back to that level. It's like being on the bench when all you want to do is get in the game. Tough.  

Well looking back on these last 4 months, I've come to accept a few things. 1) Don't stress a schedule. if you can get a workout in, get it in. If you can't, then you can't.  that's all there is to it. And that doesn't mean you can make excuses, it just means when everything is working against your favor then you just let it be and don't beat yourself up for missing it. 2) because of that, you'll have to focus more on eating habits. a lot more. I'm working towards eating cleaner and it's certainly helped as far as feeling better and dropping a few pounds. 3) work with your body. It means know when to push it and know when not to push it. Some body areas will feel fine and some areas will creak and squeak.  On runs, gotta control the jiggle (hehe). Spandex and compression gear are your friends (as much as i'd love to hide behind baggy sweats).  4) Celebrate every little milestone. I smile and pat myself on the back when I've finished 3 miles (that used to be a no-brainer warm-up run). 4 miles? oh my, let's throw me a party! Be realistic with the run/workout goals. I remind myself it's only been 4 months. I'm not a celeb who has access to a trainer, nanny, chef, and can focus on shedding the lbs full-time. I know I'll look  back at this time and say it fleeewww by so I I'll focus on Winter and just know that it'll take baby steps to get back in shape.

Even the dancing takes some getting used to - although it's just so much more fun that it doesn't feel like a workout. Here's me substitute teaching a hip hop class at Crunch.