At a day old... (newborn photoshoot)

NYU hospital offers a photography service, called Bellababy Photograpy, to new parents where a photographer comes and take photos of your newborn free of charge. I knew the catch was that we'd have to pay for the photos we liked and I had a sense they would be pretty expensive.  I went ahead and let them shoot Winter if only to see how they turned out. If they were crappy, I wouldn't buy. And if they were good and watermarked - well, maybe I wouldn't mind the watermark. They turned out to be pretty good and unfortunately, I did mind the watermark. So after a few weeks of mulling over whether to purchase the photos, I figured I might regret not getting these.  Our time in the hospital was super short and even though it's been 3 weeks since I delivered, it felt like ages ago. She's already changed so much so it's great to have these too. Here's a few of my favs.