Event recap: Pretty Girls Rock Dresses @ Tracey Reese


Last night, M and I trekked in the spitting rain to the Tracey Reese boutique for Claire's Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Fashion mixer (more pics from the event on her blog). Everybody was on their fashion A game and the mood was light and fun and with everyone mingling nicely. Props to Claire and the other fashion bloggers for putting on a nice event. I have never been to the Tracey Reese boutique and was lovin all the collections. With the event's 20% discount, I scooped up a multicolored Plenty by Tracey Reese dress. M was rockin a TR top and black slacks (sorry we forgot to get her photo opp!). I'm definitely looking forward to adding more TR pieces to my closet.

Girls rockin the runway.... (r: Tracey Reese dress. L: with Claire of
The funniest bit of the whole night was that it was also the first night of the company basketball league. Doublebooked calendar - sheesh. I pulled a clark kent and went from bombshell to baller in a matter of minutes. The open run was great and was my cardio workout to the max. I played 2 back to back games and feelin the effects today. Still, I'm looking forward to the rest of this season - we have a good team this year!
and girls rockin the court.