You ain't ready for me! showtime at webster hall

So my job has this awards show every year and I asked all my awesome dancer friends to donate their time and talent for the show. The first part, is me performing my song which I recorded out of fun with Bellringer. He definitely hooked me up with a hot single and I figured this may be the only time I can actually perform it - and at Webster Hall out of all places! So that was my britney/janet moment (I was super nervous having to do it but it was very fun - if only i could sing!) the rest of the piece features my super talented dancer friends: Gigi, Kelly, Cherelle, Victoria, Trevis, Xander, and Ohhh (who dropped some choreography genius in much needed sections - and If i didn't give her props she'd comment on here and call me out too just like on facebook - haha) Enjoy!