About Eunice

What don’t you do?

It’s a frequent question I get and I have a few answers for that: I don’t sing (even though I have a song). I don’t do math (hello, calculator!) and I don’t often say “no” to vanilla macaroons or french fries.

What I didn’t do as a child and teenager: Sit still.

I learned my first plie at age 2, sketched my first drawing at age 5, bowled a near perfect game of 299 at age 13 as a champion bowler, exhibited and sold my artwork in galleries and shows, and started my own graphic design business at age 14. I appeared on every major network channel almost yearly, every Tampa newspaper, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Inc. Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, and even received a congratulatory-keep-up-the-good-work letter from President Clinton. Let’s just say high school was busy. Harvard was impressed and by 2002, after two years of cheering with the Harvard Cheerleading Squad, three years of running the Harvard Graphic Design agency, and four years of dancing and choreographing with Expressions, I graduated cum laude with a concentration in painting in Visual and Environmental Studies (our fancy term for “art”) and stepped into NYC armed with a portfolio and a set of design skills I learned outside of college.

What I didn’t do as a college graduate: Sleep.

After a summer at Columbia, I made my way into publishing where, as a self proclaimed bookworm, I was surrounded by a wonderful team of like-minded book lovers. I was able to build a solid foundation of print design and production and after several years entered into art direction and advertising. All the while, outside of the office I was either found in a rehearsal studio or on stage dancing with isa[dance], a dance group I founded in 2002. This eventually led me into the world of fitness where I not only teach dance, but also share the joy of health and movement. Throw into the mix launching a clothing store based in Austin, TX, and an entertainment promotions company in NYC and you can safely say that sleep was a luxury.

What I also don’t do now: Shy away from challenges.

Looking for an alternative workout, I signed up for a half marathon and ended up completing four. That tipped me off to tackling other crazy things like completing a triathlon (learned to swim for it then finished 3rd in my age group!), picking up djing, producing podcasts, and attempting to learn aerial dance (it’s hard!) Of course there’s other things, like kicking off this kickstarter project for one, that I can throw in here but I was trying to keep this bio short. And I’m sure by now, you catch my drift...